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  • A few years from now, you will enter the bathroom still half asleep and a happy voice will greet you “Good morning.” Look, it’s the mirror talking. At a future home expo this coming May, a research team from Australian national broadcaster ABC will unveil how a bathroom will look like in the coming years.

    Researchers say that bathrooms will be embedded with technology that you can expect the advent of bathrooms that are designed for media consumption like living rooms. There will be no dedicated screens; instead, there will be sensors capable to detect body position and line-of-sight. Surfaces like shower screens and mirrors will be interactive with waterproof smart displays that will respond to voice or gesture.

    The smart mirror will have the capability to interpret your physical health. Data can be relayed to a wearable device or through sensors of its own. Data will be fed back to a media channel like ABC that will deliver the content according to personal health goals and concerns. However, while waiting for these examples of bathroom technology in the future, there are existing technology products that make life pleasurable.

    High end hotels have water-saving digital faucets like the EcoJoy range of tap-ware that can be activated through motion sensors. Meanwhile, Delta Faucet Company has launched the embedded touch-on, touch-off technology on faucets to ensure that water flows only when needed.

    GROHE has integrated wireless technology and push-button operations on its latest products like the digital control for water flow and temperature, water and energy calculator that measures water usage, cost and energy savings and the automatic bath filling feature that fills a bath with a pre-set temperature and water level.

    If you are planning for a bathroom upgrade, consider the high-efficiency flushing toilets from Japanese brand Toto or the smart tool from Dornbracht that will turn a morning shower to a spa-like experience.

    Aside from bathrooms products that are embedded with technology, there is bathroom furniture like tall bathroom storage units that are very important keep the bathroom tidy and well organized. The storage units are carefully crafted to perfectly match with any style and design of bathroom décor.

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