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  • When you want to train and exercise, an important decision that you will have to make is the type of clothing to wear. Seek one that gives you comfort and safety. Wearing the right clothing when exercising will spell the difference to a quality and comfortable workout in the gym. Perhaps one of the very common misconceptions is in wearing more clothing to allow the body to sweat more. Wearing heavier clothing will make you lose more water and not weight. It will raise the risk of getting dehydrated and overheated. In warm or comfortable weather, wear clothing that are lightweight which allows your skin to freely breathe. While a lot of people opt for cotton, this will actually become heavy and wet, making you more uncomfortable.

    What should you wear during workouts?

    • Think comfort. Wear something that will make you feel comfortable. Test the clothing before you go and exercise in the gym so that you will not feel awkward while in the gym. Move your body in different directions and see to it that the clothes will make you comfortable and right.
    • Breathable fabrics. You may feel cool and chilly if you are exercising in an air-conditioned room then get hot and be sweaty when you exercise and then get chilled again before cooling down. After you have made your exercise, you will take a bath and then walk to your car either hot or chilled. You need to remember these factors and choose the right wardrobe when exercising. You can opt to wear a lightweight exercise shorts or pants or a t-shirt. You may also use silk or polypropylene to keep you dry. If you are exercising under the heat of the sun, you need to wear a visor or a hat to avoid heatstroke and also sunglasses to protect your eyes from intense heat.


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