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  • Social media and internet are two tools that help businesses to attract the attention of potential customers, keep engaged with existing customers, market the company and gain useful business leads, and to release information about promotions and other campaigns. Most of the present generation customers use internet and social media to search for products and services.

    Companies should not ignore the effect of social media marketing in order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. These are some tips to promote your shop outfits in Canberra Company on social media and gain some useful business leads.

    1. Select the appropriate sites for your shop outfits in Canberra business. There are a number of social media apps and it is not required to be present on each and every one of them. Select a few social media applications frequented by your prospective clients and design your strategies to suit those apps.
    2. Since your business is related with designs and fitouts, use sites with pictures. It is easy to impress prospective clients by showing them the pictures of your designs and furniture. Using original pictures with high quality is a sure shot way to engage with prospective customers. Use sites likes Pinterest and Instagram to share pictures of your work and designs. Use appropriate content to attract the attention of the viewers. Get into strategic partnerships with likeminded organizations to help you garner following.
    3. You can use video sharing apps like YouTube, which is the second largest search engine to share the videos of your past and upcoming projects. You can also share behind-the-scenes videos to let the viewers know about your working style. You can make short videos with tips about renovations and relocations to attract prospective customers.
    4. Once you have selected the social media sites and created accounts for your shop fitouts in Canberra business, the next step is to attract the customers with well-designed call-to-actions and contests. Contests are a very good option to attract the attention of prospective customers, give away free prizes or cash vouchers to entice the viewers to participate in your contests.Make sure to add links to all your social media accounts. This way your viewers can follow you on all the platforms.

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