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  • The glass that is used in kitchen splashbacks is not the ordinary glass that you are familiar with. It is toughened glass that has been processed with heat and then rapidly cooled. Toughened glass is available in differently sized panels to suit any kind of project requirement whether it is for a splashback or a rain screen cladding system.

    However, in order to gain control over design elements that include grids, lines, joints and recesses, the glass panels must be shaped prior to the toughening process because once toughening is completed the panels can no longer be cut again. If the design of the glass requires colour, they must be fused to the back of the glass and then melted at >600oC. Colour is not simply paint or coating; it is permanent and cannot be damaged even when exposed for prolonged periods of time to UV rays. Graphics and reflective coating can also be infused into glass the same way as colour.

    In terms of thermal performance, cold bridges can be eliminated if correct components are specified. Cold bridge is a weak spot that results from a break in continuity. When the insulating layer is correctly detailed, thermal bridges can be reduced if not eliminated so that the target U-value will be achieved. Sometimes, corrections in design can eliminate cold bridges so that heat leakage will be minimized.

    One of the common applications for toughened glass is for rainwater cladding systems. The design must always be in accordance with British standards BS 8414-1:2015. In terms of fire performance for external cladding systems on buildings of more than 18 meters in height, the cladding system must prevent fire from spreading from floor to floor. Continuous horizontal firebreaks are required between the second and third story and every story thereafter. For compartmentalization between rooms, vertical firebreaks may be necessary.

    Highly resistant and toughened mirror splashback is a high quality alternative to traditional tileused in the kitchen. Aside from safety and durability, the mirrored splashback can become a beautiful accent piece to the overall design of the kitchen, bathroom or office. Advances in technology allow you to have a splashback in different colours and effects.

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