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  • Roof is the most important part of a house but is often the least maintained. Homeowners do not invest time for regular inspection and maintenance of the roof, which leads to damage. Roof repairs and re-roofing are expensive investments. It is essential to choose a reputed roofing contractor to get quality work.

    Most of the homeowners, consider the cost alone while choosing a contractor for roof repairs in Sydney or re-roofing of their house. But this often proves to be a wrong decision as many contractors use untrained technicians and low cost materials to cut the costs.

    Choosing a right contractor is a confusing task for many. Here are some tips to help you choose the right roofing contractor.

    Choose reputed contractors

    It is essential to choose local contractors with good reputation. The local contractors work hard to establish a good reputation in the community. Choosing an established contractor for new roof installation and roof repairs in Sydney will help you to ensure that the quality of work is superior and the warranty provided by the contractor is of good use.

    Quality over price

    Do not choose a roofing contractor depending upon the price quotation. With increasing competition, there are many contractors who quote lowest prices to attract customers and provide substandard work. Moreover, some contractor quote the lowest bids and charge extra for every single service. Go through the price quotation closely and consider price as only one of the factors to compare the contractors.

    Written contract

    Get all the terms of contract in writing. The materials to be used, the size of the crew and their qualifications, the pricing and the payment terms, warranties and after sales service, everything should be in the contract. This will help you to eliminate any problems in future. The contract should also have details of the starting date and ending date for the task.

    Open communication

    The roofing contractor should have open communication with the client. The company should be willing to discuss any problems with customer and clear all his queries.


    The contractor providing roof installation and roof repairs in Sydney, must be insured. Ask the contractor to show the necessary documents and confirm with the insurer.

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