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  • Teo, a telecommunications company and a provider of home entertainment services, has recently installed a network of digital signage to three of the largest cities found in Lithuania. The digital signage network is to be found in shopping malls from these three cities. The network is powered by Signagelive while the installation as well as commission was a responsibility tasked to Hansab UAB, a technology service provider. With the help of the signage network, there is now a display that can be used as a promotional medium to broadcast contents using videowalls or touchscreen with large display. The digital signage is specifically seen at the service centers for Teo.

    Teo is currently the largest telecommunication company in Lithuania and is a subsidiary of Telia Company. Their method of promotion used to be limited to standalone displays as well as USB drives. These mediums have proven to be inefficient when it comes to wasted resources. It also takes a lot of time because every display has to be updated manually in various locations.

    Signagelive was chosen as the provider of Teo’s digital signage because it has the ability to update via cloud and it can support multiple vendors at a time. With this, Hansab has the option to ix and match their displays in order to accommodate the need of different locations.

    The network that was created for the digital signage is composed of four types of configuration videowalls which is a Samsung slim-bezel. The displays are all 65 inches touchscreen. Through this network, individuals and businesses can now ask about their new services including CCTV, WiFi and cloud services. On idle mode, the network has been programmed to play videos that are scheduled on different times in order to promote other products and services offered by Teo.

    All of the contents that will be shown in the digital signage are stored in a platform created by Signagelive which is cloud-based. The telecommunication company has now the control on whatever promotional materials they want to display in real time at various locations with option to change them at a second’s notice. This is only one of the examples on how networks that are properly installed by network installation experts can benefit businesses.

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