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  • It’s always nice to get good news, innit? I mean, usually, when you get news about something, it’s bad news, and that’s why the old saying goes “No news is good news”. But I digress; I’m going off topic here.

    News. Whether your product is industrial touch screen monitor, or a smartphone monitor, you can expect some good numbers in the future, at least according to a recent market report that forecasts good, if not outright remarkable growth for the industry in the near future. The report covers the multi-touch screen industry, ranging from the more heavy-duty industrial touch screen monitor to the more ubiquitous smartphone touch screen. Basically, if it lets you interact with a device with your fingers, this report covers it.

    As one would expect, the key figures playing a role in the market are the big, instantly recognizable brands such as Apple, Microsoft, 3M, LG and the like. Notably, the report pointed out that the industry used to be dominated by a few of the biggest names, but after the increase in demand for touch screen technology thanks to advancements in designs and competition in the markets using touch screens, new major players have moved into the market, shaking it up quite a bit.

    The report goes into great detail to accurately group the market, based on device, and region. It’s a good analysis of the industry’s status, based on its industry capacity, industry growth rate, and industry structure, utilizing the industry’s historical data in order to create a forecast for the multi-touch screen market.

    As anyone would expect, two important factors for the market is the increased ubiquity and demand for touch screen devices, and the availability of materials such as indium tin oxide (ITO), with the former responsible for growth, the latter for inhibiting said growth.

    Now, this report is one of many like it; its ilk gets published regularly, with some even overriding data from the other. That’s the thing with business markets, they shift. They’re constantly in motion, plays being made, winners emerging triumphant, losers being buried or trying to avoid getting removed. So it’s worth taking with a bit of salt. All the same, the forecast is good, so the best thing to do, I think, would be expect the best, plan for the worst.

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