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  • Homeowners who are renovating their homes have many options to make the home beautiful, functional and comfortable. The market has many innovative solutions like modern floor tiles that can be used for backsplashes and lovely wall accents and flooring for the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

    A technology that is being commonly used today by the home improvement sector is digital technology. An example is Houseace, an Australian home improvement company that is digitalizing the way that home improvements are handled. Technology can expedite the entire renovation process and at the same time improve the industry.

    Houseace works as a marketplace for home improvement. It makes life easier for homeowners who are building or renovating their homes by removing the complex parts of home improvement process. Tasks like gathering quotes and selecting contractors can be tedious and stressful. At Houseace, homeowners can receive an online quote in just 60 seconds. Once the quote is accepted, a dedicated project manager will immediately match the homeowner to a trustworthy local contractor in 48 hours.

    According to Jonny Sommers, the founder of Houseace, technology plays a big role in their business. The home improvement and renovations industry has been very slow in utilizing technology to solve the problems of the industry. The use of technology can create better experiences for customers. This problem is being tackledhead on by building project-specific online quoting engines where users can obtain full inclusive quotes within minutes after answering a few simple questions.

    Houseace uses algorithms that process the data that has been provided by the user including thousands of variables to generate the most accurate price. Contractors and tradespersons have to go through 12 checks that include trade licensing, insurance and positive reviews to pass and be able to register in the platform. They are also closely monitored during their time with the platform.

    There are various options available for modern floor tiles that can match style and budget. Usually, the tiles are large in size with discreet and elegant colours that will make the home look elegant and luxurious. There are neutral colours that can add visual appeal to every part of the personal space.

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