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  • The courier services have gained popularity in the last decade, due to the advent of online shopping and E commerce business. A lot of players have entered the industry and competition has become stiff. The companies felt the need to offer exceptional services to the customers in order to stand out in the crowd. This led to an increasing need to invest in sophisticated technologies that improve the efficiency of courier companies.

    The big brands in courier industry, especially those operating international courier services, invest a lot of money in these technology innovations to provide premium and reliable service to their clients.

    There has been a drastic improvement in the number of aircrafts and freight ships that led to faster delivery of international shipments. The courier companies partner with airlines and freight companies to provide quick and affordable services to their clients. Some of the big companies also have their own flights for faster delivery of shipments. More and more use of aircrafts by international courier companies has resulted in faster deliveries. These companies offer express deliveries to many countries. They deliver the parcels in a couple of days, even to far away countries.

    The next major technological advancement in courier industry is the parcel tracking software. The tracking system helps the companies and clients to have the exact details of the movement of the parcel through the network. Both the courier company and the client can know the location of the shipment at any given time. This has led to a reduction in fraudulent activities.  The sophisticated tracking system is especially useful for international courier services. They can easily identify when a parcel gets held up with the customs department and sort out the issues quickly. The tracking system also increases the accountability of the courier companies, as the client can easily know, how the courier is handling the parcel with a click of the mouse.

    The recent development in the industry is the increasing use of Smartphone apps.  Many of the international courier companies have their own apps, which enable the client to log in and track the parcel. They have fast contact options and many other services on their apps, which increases the quality and swiftness of service.

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