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  • There have been many incidents of mass shootings in America from the nightmarish shooting of concert goers in Las Vegas to the horrific mass shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California. Months after the tragedy, the FBI has attempted to gain the support of Apple to gain access to the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the perpetuators at the San Bernardino mass shooting.

    Gaining access to the iPhone is part of the investigation on the supposedly terrorist attack. FBI requested Apple to develop a new operating system which could be installed on Farook’s phone to bypass security features. However, the new OS will also allow FBI access to iPhones in future criminal investigations.

    Apple refused because if they gave in to the demand of FBI, they will be hacking their own users. It would also set a precedent that will undermine the privacy of iPhone users. Apple believes that the intentions of FBI are good but they also consider it wrong for a government to demand a backdoor to the products that will undermine the freedom and liberty that the government vowed to protect.

    In the United Kingdom, the Investigatory Powers Act or was introduced in 2016 to provide British law enforcers with powers that would require network operators to remove electronic protection on communications and data. The act was not strong enough to demand a backdoor to encryption services.

    A similar legislation was introduced in New Zealand in 2013 that requires internet providers to allow interception for government agencies with a warrant. Meanwhile, in Australia, the government is pushing for the Assistance and Access bill where tech companies and internet providers would be required to lend assistance to law enforcement agencies. Apple has reiterated its position that breaking encryption systems will undermine everyone’s security.

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