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  • IT support services were generally required by large corporations with large operations, systems, and data. A most recent study reveals that this industry is going in a different direction.


    Market intelligence specialist, Parks Associate, and cloud and technical support services provider,Plumchoice, recently released the joint study that small business IT support services will be experiencing massive growth in the next four years. The study quotes more than $20 billion in revenue in that time frame, which is more than double what it is today. The data was gathered from a survey of SMB stakeholders such as owners, decisions makers, and managers.


    The research lists the technological focus of this growth is on a wide range of media. These include mobile phones, tablets, work stations, and even servers. It is suggested that those company offering IT support services and products must be able to provide for this wide range of products that small businesses utilize in order to break into and grow in this emerging market.


    As the Parks Associate principal analyst and vice president, Kurt Scherf has said, small to medium business needs in terms of technology are becoming more complex, especially when it comes to harnessing mobile devices as part of the business. SMBs are looking into, if not already currently utilizing, cloud technology, remote access, and virtualization. The use of such would require ongoing support that would include maintenance and updates.


    The study has shown that SMBs lose upwards of three hours a month repairing or calibrating issues on business mobile devices, which is almost the same amount of time dedicated to doing the same activities for the company servers. This much time lost by these businesses in attempting to trouble shoot on their own has given 30 percent of business owners the idea that professional technical support, the outsourced or remote kind, would be a good investment.


    The research is very clear and presented the numbers to support the findings that small business IT support service providers must maximize on this growing need for more technical support. It was also very clear that providers must ensure that not only do they provide a wide range of products and services to respond to the need, but also that they provide in the most timely and efficient manner.

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