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  • Patenting helps innovators to protect their inventions from competitors. The inventor gets exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the invention. However, the entire process of applying for a patent seems intimidating for new entrepreneurs.

    The process of applying for a patent involves a lot of paperwork and often takes long time to complete. Here is a step by step guide on How to patent an idea.

    Search the existing patents

    Applying for a patent is a huge investment. It requires a lot of time and money. It is prudent to search the US and foreign patent registers to know about the existing patents in your field. You can also search the trade and scientific journals of your field to know about similar patents.

    Consult an expert

    A patent expert can help you to simplify the entire process. Hire an experienced and reputed patent attorney to help you file the application in an accurate and correct manner.

    Determine the type of patent

    There are different types of patents like, utility patent, design patent, plant patent etc. Determine what type pf patent is suitable for your invention.

    Apply for a provisional patent

    Since the patenting process takes years to complete, applying for a provisional patent helps you to get a layer of protection until the final patent is granted. You can protect your idea from being stolen.

    Start the process of filing the patent application

    Gather all the information required to file the formal application. The patent application requires a detailed description of the invention along with its features, uses and scope. Use the correct language to explain all the details about your invention in exact terms. You might also need to define the legal scope of the patent, hire the services of an expert to help you in the process.

    Participate in the process

    Respond to communication from the patent examiners as quickly as possible. If you hire a patent attorney, he would be doing the correspondence with the authorities. Get all the updates regularly and participate proactively in the entire process.

    Follow this process of How to patent an idea in six steps and protect your idea from being duplicated or stolen.

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