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  • Owning the motorcycle of your dreams is a great achievement. But the motorcycle has to be maintained properly to keep it functioning to its maximum capacity for long duration. Regular maintenance of the motorcycle can be easily done at home.

    Here are a few regular maintenance tips to keep your Aprilia motorcycles in top shape for years.

    1. Engine oil is an essential component of the motorcycle that needs to be changed frequently. Engine oil is necessary to lubricate the gears and engines of the motorcycles and also aids in keeping the engine cool. Refer to the user’s manual of your Aprilia motorcycles to know about the frequency of oil change. Stick to the mentioned scheduled religiously as not changing the engine oil at prescribed times will lead to problems in the engine.
    2. The next important part in a motorcycle is the spark plug. It is responsible to create the spark that helps to start the bike and also ignite the petrol. The spark plug should be inspected regularly and replaced according to the instructions provided in the user’s manual of your Aprilia motorcycles. Use only genuine parts as mentioned in the manual. The extra cost will be worth as using authorized parts will keep your bike functioning properly.
    3. Inspect the chain which rotates the rear tyre regularly. The chain should not be too tight or too loose. It should be properly lubricated in order to increase the lifespan. Improper lubrication of the chain will lead to excess wear and tear due to excess heat.
    4. Keep the bike clean by washing it regularly. Washing the bikes regularly will not only improve the aesthetic looks of the bike but also will help to keep it functioning efficiently. Do not opt for high-pressure washes.
    5. Inspect the electrical system of the bike regularly. Check for any cuts or abrasions on the cables. Replace the worn out cables to keep the electrical system of the bike in top condition.
    6. Check the tyre pressure regularly and maintain the necessary pressure. The details regarding this will be available in your Aprilia motorcycles user manual. Maintaining proper tyre pressure is very important as over-inflated tyres will not provide the necessary grip on road and under-inflated tyres may overheat and fail, leading to dangerous accidents.

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