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  • Have you ever imagined a robot serving you at the family dining in Sutherland Shire instead of a human staff? Robots are increasingly becoming popular in many restaurants all over the world because owners want to cut back on costs, maximize efficiency and capitalize on technology. However, even with the presence of technology, humans still play a critical role in restaurants.

    At a fast food restaurant in California, a human immediately replaced a robot that burned out after a day of flipping burgers. The robot named Flippy has a specialized industrial 6-axis robotic arm and was bolted to the kitchen floor. After it was fixed, Flippy returned to action and started to push out 300 burgers daily.

    A recently opened wine bar is still run by humans but perched inside a caged barricade on the bottom floor is bright orange robot arm. Once an order for a drink has been placed, the robot chooses from a list of wines and pours as many as four glasses at the same time. Afterwards, the robot places the drinks on a tray that is delivered to nearby tables through a mechanical system on the ceiling. When there are no orders, the robot becomes bored and performs programmed dance moves.

    In Boston, human chefs were replaced by 7 automated cooking pots that can simultaneously whip up meals within 3 minutes or less. The restaurant is owned by a group of about 20 robotic engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Recently, they have announced a funding of $21 million which they plan to use for expansion along the East Coast.

    At a newly opened bar in the Czech country that is the favourite of backpackers, a robotic bartender serves drinks that have been ordered through a Smartphone app. According to the bar’s owner, he is simply embracing the inevitable shift to how restaurants will operate in the future.

    There is something for everyone at family dining in Sutherland Shire from fresh seasonal produce to salads, pastas and burgers. Family bonding moments are very important and nothing can beat bonding over food. Parents can create positive experiences for children and nurture relationship over delicious food.

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