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  • Whenever someone brings up a king kong marketing review or anything related to businesses, odds are they’ll bring up the COVID-19, which is understandable given how hard it hit the global economy. Even online businesses, like digital ads, have been hit pretty hard.

    The pandemic isn’t over, but businesses and industries have slowly been getting back on their feet. Q3 has been a chance for businesses to recover. Naturally, just like how COVID didn’t hit all businesses equally, recovery isn’t even spread out.

    Good news for people in the tech industry, whether they handle tech support, web design, or many a king kong marketing reviews, as their sector didn’t just recover from COVID-19, but bounced back. What’s the old saying? Something about a silver lining, right?

    For those working in the tech sector, business has been good. But with people stuck in their homes and forced to change how they interact with the world, things like e-commerce, digital banking, e-commerce, and the like got a boost.

    For the people in healthcare, health tech became all the more important. Streaming services are now how people hold meetings, and classes.

    The Q3 funding rounds reflect this, with a lot of investors pouring money into tech companies, as they need that capital to grow. Generally, good fundraising is a good sign for a company; it means that there’s a demand for what they offer.

    Q3 2020 has been good for tech companies, with fintech even straight up dominating the West Coast. Granted, that’s usually the case, since San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the Bay Area are there, and they’re hotbeds for tech companies. East Coast saw some activity, as well, particularly in New York, and the Greater Boston Area.

    Regardless, it’s a good sign that for the tech industry that they’re getting back on their feet so fast following COVID-19’s hit on the economy, but only time will tell if people jumped into the wagon just a bit too fast.

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