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  • Many homeowners are now planning to revive a dull and dreary garden into a stylish and welcoming space. They recreate this space to enjoy nature, entertain friends or spend a joyous time alone. To simply achieve the revival, one may need to use outdoor tiles. With the right tiles such as large grey stone tiles, you can completely transform an unadorned outdoor space or a boring patio.

    Outdoor tiles are now available in various types both natural and manmade. Some homeowners may find it confusing to choose any of these. As it includes a variety of materials, styles, textures and colours, more consumers have the tendency of making the wrong choice. It does not only cost them more money but makes them frustrated especially when it impacts the resale value of their home.

    So, if you find it hard to choose the right tiles like large grey stone tiles for your outdoors, let this article guide you, so you won’t go wrong:

    • Consider the Climate

    If you want excellent choices of outdoor tiles, consider natural materials like slate, marble and travertine. They are best known for beauty and durability. If you prefer fabricated materials like terracotta, they are sought after due to their luxurious colours of orange, red and brown. However, these materials are poriferous and absorb water. They are however excellent for warmer climates but suffer greatly on cold seasons. So, choose tiles that rely on your geographical location.

    • Choose a Slip-Resistant Tile

    Note that slippery surfaces can cause typical accidents in homes. A homeowner must consider the critical factor of slippage when choosing beautiful and durable tiles. If you live in a rainy, humid or misty climate, ensure that you choose fabricated materials that are resistant to slips.

    • Choose a Colour Carefully

    The colour is often overlooked when choosing outdoor tiles. It may sound surprising especially that homeowners spend more energy in choosing colour schemes for their furnishings, curtains, walls and tiles. It’s either the tiles match or contrast each other favourably. If you’re choosing outdoor tiles, brighten up dark areas with light-coloured tiles and tone bright areas with darker shades. The large grey stone tiles make a good option.

    • Synchronise the Style of Your Home

    Aside from the design and climate when choosing a tile, you need them to complement with the existing style of your home. Make the entirety of the house add an aesthetic appeal.


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