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  • If there is one thing that is dominating both the small and silver screens, it would have to be the concept of ‘superheroes.’ Ever since superheroes were first introduced in the early 20th century, they have become a part of society’s pop culture especially during the golden age of comic books which introduced prominent superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Iron Man and Superman who is also considered as the greatest superhero of all time and an American pop culture icon.

    Superheroes first came into prominence through comic books before and all throughout the 1940s. But during the cold war era, people had seemed to have lost interest in them. Luckily, the 1970s seemed to have ignited people’s interest with superheroes and they have not only progressed into Television but into the silver screen as well with Superman once again leading the fray. Since then, superheroes have dominated both the small and silver screens. In fact, based on the American Film Institute’s List of Highest Grossing Films, four of the top 20 films are superhero films with Marvel’s The Avenger’s taking the top superhero spot at number 4.

    In the small screen, as of late, two DC Superheroes have been ruling the Superhero programming: The Flash and Arrow, with the former about to release an exclusive film as well. A peculiar case, the TV universe of The Flash is one and the same with its cinematic universe. The challenge to be seen, however, is how they would be differentiated from one another seeing as there are two different actors playing the titular character in the two franchises.

    One of the few ways to create distinction between the two is probably with the costume. The costume plays a great role in every superhero production that is why the people at DC are doing all they can to create a movie costume that would perfectly fit the upcoming The Flash film. According to reports from Den of Geek, the movie costumes being made for the film will be designed intentionally to avoid comparison with Grant Gustin’s TV version of The Flash. They said that they will go for a more tech-based look to oppose Gustin’s burgundy leather suit.

    The film’s costume is said to have been based on The Flash costume in the game Injustice: Gods among Us which had featured an armored tech-based costume for the super fast superhero.

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