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  • Technology is developing rapidly that new innovations are launched every month. It is inevitable that it is now dominating various parts of our life and work. It is used by business such as those companies that offer marquee hire in Sydney and the same technology is used by event organizers. Here are the top technologies that are currently used in event management.

    • Augmented or virtual reality. This technology started to gain popularity last year. It was used in various applications such as event mapping, event planning and virtual venues. It also gained worldwide recognition after the popularity of the well-known mobile game called Pokemon GO. It was played in various countries around the world as it brings a new flavour to smartphone games after it made use of augmented reality. In connection with the game, various events have been hosted to invite players in their area. With these events, it has proven that events can be more exciting as it unites participants. This is just one example of how virtual and augmented reality can be employed.
    • Crowd streaming. Live streaming is now a common occurrence in events. After social media ventured into live streaming, it resulted into what they call crowd streaming. Participants of an event can now share their experience on the actual occasion without having to buy expensive equipment or software. Nowadays, a smartphone is all that is needed in order to share the event to their friends and families on social media. There are apps that can be downloaded for live streaming such as Periscope while social media also presents an option such as Facebook Live. Attendees can share the experience which will ultimately reach the followers of the event organizer.
    • Analysing engagement. This may sound like possible years ago but there are new tools in analysing engagement. Gamification, for example, makes it possible for event managers to see data on the kind of entertainment that promotes involvement among their attendees. These event organizers make sure their events are successful from planning to finding marquee for hire in Sydney thus technology plays an important role in making tasks easier.

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