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  • Kawasaki, the popular Japanese motorbike manufacturer, is not unfamiliar with electric motorbike technology. Back in 2012, the company filed a patent for an electric motorbike, which, given the amount of time that was clearly put into it, was expected to come to many a Kawasaki dealer across the world.

    Seven years after that initial patent, the company has created another electric bike patent, one that’s drastically different. The new patent for the electric bike was recently leaked, giving the world a vague idea to this latest Kawasaki bike. The leaked patent is no guarantee that Kawasaki will be releasing an electric motorbike, but given that a lot of other motorcycle manufacturers are working hard to develop their own electric bikes, but many are expecting that this patent will lead to a product that’ll be sold to many a Kawasaki dealer across the world, given time.

    The leaked patent’s focus lies on the electric powertrain that’ll power the bike, so the conventional motorcycle silhouette used to represent the bike. The powertrain is comprised by an electric motor, alongside a clutch assembly that’s also connected to a mechanical pump, as well as an output shaft that connects to the wheel, driving them with the use of a conventional chain drive

    Speculation is rife on the bike and its specs, with a clutch in the patent indicating that Kawasaki might use a gearbox to boost the bike’s torque, instead of connecting the output shaft to the wheel itself.A design choice like that would afford the use of a lower torque, smaller motor than necessary in direct drive application.

    Notably, the patent also showed that the new bike sports a common feature in Kawasaki’s more conventional models, a ram-air induction system. It looks as if the air-intake would be positioned just below the headlamp, which would direct coldair to the batter, while a frount-mounted oil cooler will be used to ensure that the motor doesn’t overheat.

    There hasn’t been any additional info on the leaked patent, which emerged weeks foolwing Ducati’s CEO Claudio Domenicali confirming that the manufacturer is close to releasing a mass market sports bike model.

    With emission standards becoming more stringent across the world, low emissionfully-electric vehicles are expected to become more and more commonplace, so it’s not really a surprise that a lot of motorcycle manufacturers have also been considering electric solutions.

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