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  • 2016 will be remembered as the year when hackers stole the limelight. This led to cyber security being the top international priority from politics, national defence and global economic system as well as smart homes. However, how can people and governments be prepared for the next generation cyber attacks when new devices, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things devices, social media websites and robots are being introduced to the market daily?

    A growing number of organizations are preparing lists of predictions for the future with educated security guesses and cyber-speculations. Nevertheless, it is important to consider cyber research reports and expert analysis of threats in order to improve strategic plans, product road maps, incident response scenarios and overall business operations.

    Some of the top security predictions for 2017 include:

    • Expansion of enterprise network to become increasingly undefined and diffused
    • Cybercrime will continue to become mainstream as rogue nations continue to finance themselves through stolen money
    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) will be abused which will result into increased phishing sites using HTTPS
    • People will use drones for explosive attacks and espionage
    • As Internet of Things devices continue to proliferate the market, IoT DDoS attacks will increase
    • Trend Micro predicts that Apple and Adobe will surpass Microsoft in terms of platform vulnerability discoveries
    • McAfee predicts that ransomware will continue to be a bigger threat until the second half of 2017. The impact of ransomware will force the security industry to undertake drastic actions.
    • Trust will be eroded by the increase in fake ads and purchased “likes”
    • Privacy issues will exposed by hacktivists
    • Kaspersky also believes that ransomware will continue to rise with payment resulting into the return of data
    • Businesses both large and small will continue to lose money and data because they failed to take basic security precautions

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