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    In the last decade or more, social media together with the developing technology has become a very important part of our day to day life and is incorporated in every activity we do on a daily basis. Ever since the invention of social media and the internet, the way people look for jobs is far more different than before. In this modern time, how can one employ social media and technology in order to land a job? Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

    • Widen your current network. If you are targeting certain organizations or companies that you want to work for, it is essential to have Twitter as well as LinkedIn in order to be able to follow their pages. One can also follow influential people that are working in the same line of work that they wish to pursue. These two platforms are designed to create interactions and connect all users.
    • Social media is not only a tool used in order to get to know new people and add new contacts to your business circle. It is also a way of getting in touch with the people you know and encourage them to help you in your way to landing your dream job.
    • Aside from your resume, you should be able to use the LinkedIn platform to supplement the information it contains. You should be able to display every professional experience in detailed. Things that are not listed on your resume can be added on your LinkedIn profile.
    • Aside from the detailed profile, LinkedIn also has the option for the public to leave recommendations on your profile. This will give future employers a perspective on how you are as a previous employee.
    • With the use of your email, you will be able to receive notifications if there are updates on the job that you are searching for. You don’t have to check the site every time to see if there are any new jobs in Bkk available as it will notify you upon subscription.

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