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  • A few decades ago, only the big brands and hotel chains were popular in the international market. This has rapidly changed with the advent technology so that local hotels like Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok started to become recognized by foreign travellers. The notion of what exactly defines a hotel has been significantly changed with the advent of new technologies and innovative hospitality products.

    Innovative products that altered the hospitality industry

    • Digital innovations that include mobile booking, check-in, payment and in-room service are the products that travellers expect today most particularly the younger generation. Online access has become the expected standard and has literally changed the idea and necessity of “front desk” and other services that are associated to the hospitality industry.
    • Because of the success of many internet marketing strategies, competition has increased and created pressure on room rates. Online travel agencies and booking websites that earn costly commissions to sell hotel and vacation packages are now seeing less customers because direct booking through the hotel website is not only less expensive but offers better deals and discounts.
    • However, technology as well as online travel agencies has made consumers more sophisticated and well informed than they were a decade ago. In the past, only frequent travellers understood the differences between bands. Now there are online ratings and customer reviews that will guide travellers on the best destinations and accommodations.
    • Bleisure is a portmanteau of the practice of taking a business trip and adding a few days more to enjoy some adventure and entertainment. The combination of work and play during travel is now a popular trend especially among the younger travellers who want some sightseeing and shopping before going home.
    • Sharing economy or peer-to-peer lodging platforms have literally swept the global hospitality industry. When hotels are fully booked, travellers have an optional lodging source.

    A regular feature of Sathorn hotel when you book directly through the hotel website includes special packages, discount on room rates, free upgrades, discount on food and drinks, more savings for families and special offers on spa treatment. You can book now and manage, view or edit your reservation.

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