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  • People often receive ugly sweater from their aunts who usually wear too much perfume without even considering how they invade other’s personal space. Ugly sweaters always have their space in the storage located at the attic. But that was the case before, because, in today’s modern world where ironic t-shirts are in trend, people see ugly sweater as fashionable clothing that gave birth to an event called the National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

    This is good news for NASA rocket scientist named Mark Rober who is now making ugly sweaters for Christmas. Aside from the ugly designs that Rober puts on his sweaters, people will also notice a small pocket for each sweater. They will have to download an application, put the phone into their pocket and then an interactive video will start to play. This video will give life to the ugly sweater.  You can choose from various sweaters with their own app with video.

    Rober told that he sells his sweaters quickly and are now available in Amazon and eBay. This makes it easier for people to order for the sweaters and wear it for the Christmas season. Just perfect for the increasing demand of ugly sweaters. When looking for a design, people can choose from a burning fireplace, a gingerbread man with his head eaten, or a Santa that gets stuck in a chimney. So before Rober runs out of stock, it would better that people should place their order right away to be assured that they have something to wear this coming Christmas season and surprise their family and friends.

    How This Tech Ugly Sweater Started

    The idea came from the Halloween costume made by Rober in the year 2011. While using two iPads for facetiming, he was able to present himself with a hole in his body, making it look real. The video showing the costume went viral online and gave him the idea of combining technology and clothing. So whatever designs of ugly sweater that people would want to wear, there is one thing that they should enjoy and that is to celebrate the day of wearing ugly sweaters!

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