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  • In order for the students to grow inside the classroom, they have to be engaged, they must connect with their teachers and they must collaborate with their classmates. According to studies, there is a big improvement in the student learning because of the introduction of flexible class furniture such as kids school chairs coupled with technology. This is due to the fact that the classrooms are able to adapt in the different ways children learn.

    The sad news is that majority of schools in the world are still not receiving enough support in order to improve the engagement of their students. In many parts of the world, students are still using traditional desks where they are trapped their everyday as they listen to the lectures of their teachers. With this specific classroom design, learning is not adapted to each of the students’ need. It also does not encourage collaboration among the students and needless to say, technology is not integrated within the system.

    This is the time for schools to consider the use of flexible classroom furniture, technology that is adaptable to student curriculum and classroom design layouts that will promote better engagement among students.It does not have to take a major renovation in order to do this but careful planning is required along with advices from professional designers. While many think that changing the furniture will have minimal impact, it actually has the power to alter the school’s environment and make it better than before.

    One of the main problems with a traditional desk is that it stays the same for the entire year. It does not allow movement for students who are on it thus, they are limited which also limits their creativity and make lessons a bore for many. Group discussions are not easily done because desks have to be rearranged which takes a lot of time and effort especially for younger students.

    It is high time to consider innovative classroom furniture such as kids school chairs because it encourage students to collaborate with their fellow students, it removes classroom hierarchy and most of all it opens up a lot of possibilities either learning on their own or with a group of students.

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