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  • 122 Centuries ago, people live happily and comfortably without any care for the outside world. From the 15th and 18th centuries, illustrated maps were created but they look more like works of art. Illustrated maps sometimes provide insights on society or culture through their artistic content. Today, people use digital maps as essential tools to help them navigate their way in cities and towns.

    Google Maps is very popular for people all over the world. The software includes futuristic functions like Street View that offers detailed glimpses into different areas. Google Maps is also consistently updated to include new features. However, the software has a rival in Apple Maps that was released with IOS 7 in 2013.

    Ever since Apple Maps has been launched, Apple has worked consistently to improve the app. This poses a radical challenge to Google. Early this year, TechCrunch reported that Apple is going to rebuild the service by using its very own data for the first time. According to Eddie Cue, senior vice-president of Apple, the tech giant is determined to bring the app to the next level.

    Cue further explained that from the time the app was introduced to the public six years ago, they have made huge investments to ensure that the digital map is up to par. Apple Maps was about directions and how an individual can get to a certain place. Millions of dollars were invested to make new and frequent changes, to add millions of directions and to update the maps.

    The objective of Apple is to create the best map app in the world by taking Apple Maps to the next level. To achieve the objective, Apple is building its own maps data from the ground up. The newest version of Apple Maps was released together with IOS 12 last September with levels of detail greatly improved.

    Domestic and international clients are welcome to order map illustrations of a community, campus or facility. The images that will be used in the illustrated maps are the product of skillful and creative combination of geography, architecture and information. The map illustration can easily become the topic of conversation in the building’s lobby or boardroom.

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