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  • Google started out rolling out their June 2021 core update on June 2, 2021. The announcement was made by Search Liason Danny Sullivan, who also noted that this core update is one part of two, with a July 2021 core update to roll out soon.

    While it’s expected that some help with your SEO might be needed, this one core update is particularly strange is due to the fact that it’ll be followed-up by another core update in the following month. Google usually releases core updates every couple of months.

    The last core update prior to the June 2021 core update was the December 2020 core update, which was preceded by a May 2020 core update, 7 months prior. The June 2021 core update came out a bit later than most, but is also to be followed up by another update in the following month.

    Two core updates

    Google stated that they’re rolling out these two core updates, the June 2021 update isn’t fully ready for a release, which is why they’ve moved forward with releasing the parts that are ready, with the rest to follow with the July 2021 core update. Google will provide updates on the updates in order to make sure people don’t get caught off guard.

    Google also warned that some help with your SEO and the like will be needed, but the two-part nature of the update means that there’ll be some serious fluctuation for the ranking for search results.

    What people should expect

    Like with any Google update, rankings can go up, down, or stay stable. Those that will be impacted by June 2021 core update might end up seeing the impact on them reversed with the July 2021 core update. Google stated that a lot of sites won’t really feel the update, but the SEOs that handle a lot of sites will see a lot of changes in their Google SERP rankings.

    The update is a global rollout, affecting all languages and regions, and will take around 2 weeks to rollout. Google will also confirm when the rollout is done, which, if the schedule holds well, the page experience update will finish before the July 2021 core update rolls out.

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