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    When talking about vehicles, it is not common for enthusiasts to tackle suspension systems when in fact is the most important part of the car. Auto manufacturers are always changing their designs and making some small refinements until they found the perfect setup – a perfect vehicle that can be handled as smoothly as vehicles used in racing. Suspension systems are not the same as before because of the advancement in technology which helped manufacturers reach their goal to provide comfort as well as high performance for vehicles. Currently, these are the three most recent innovations worth watching out for when it comes to suspension systems.

    • Hydraulic Roll Control. The most recent car to be equipped with a hydraulic suspension with cross linking is the 2015 Audi RS 7. According to Audi, the suspension technology is called Dynamic Ride Control. With conventional suspension system, the body roll of the vehicle is counter acted by employing steel anti roll bars but with hydraulic systems, fluid is transported to the opposite side of the vehicle to counter body roll. As long as you are not using major g’s, the system will be operating out of your way and the wheel can travel as smooth as possible. The system makes it feel like the vehicle is equipped with huge anti roll bars when in fact there is none.
    • Magnetic Dampers.This technology was developed by General Motors and is now present in various vehicles including the Audi R8 and the Ferrari FF. magnetic ride control makes it possible to control the level of stiffness of the dampers depending on the driving conditions by changing the electric current that is going through a ferrous liquid.
    • Active Curve Tilting. Leaning on one side used to be possible with motorcycles alone but with active curve tilting, vehicles can now do it too as shown by the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG coupe. This is made possible with the help of a lateral-acceleration sensor coupled with a camera that is forward-looking. This is a game changer for suspension systems because it made possible for vehicles to tilt its body on one side in favor of the apex.

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