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  • The overwhelming popularity of different online platforms used by people for instant communication led to the early demise of letter writing. However, the popularity of internet, Facebook and SMS has placed greater importance on the mastery of English language. An online user has to learn a specific version of the English language to be able to socialize with other net users.

    The new jargon that is popularly used online is referred to as cyberspeak where brevity is the order of the day. This new language has been developed on the internet which is completely alien to the older generation that speaks the queen’s language. One example of the brevity of cyberspeak is the emoticon which is an online symbol used with a few punctuation marks to show an emotion. The most popular emoticon used online is smiley that is frequently used on a message to add a meaning.

    Based on statistics, content language used on websites is mostly in the English language which puts it ahead of all other languages. This overwhelmingly high global position of the English language is mainly due to the economic and political influence of countries that use English as their mother tongue. These English-speaking countries include the United States and Great Britain that are represented in the internet through their language.

    The internet has become a significant medium for the English language considering that an estimated 85% of web pages are written in English. Experts believe that English will be widely spoken by half of the world’s population by 2050 because it is dominating the e-waves. According to BBC, Facebook users are learning to socialize by using different forms of English where less attention is placed on grammar, spelling and punctuation. Online communication does not put importance over accent so that even non-English speakers can use the language for communication.

    However, this phenomenon reinforces the importance of teaching English as a foreign language to non-English speakers. The idea here is not only to enhance online communication but to increase opportunities in the global job market. Teaching English is a high paying job particularly with the TEFL certification on your CV.

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