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  • Owning a car may be convenient but to some, it can also be pricy. You have to pay for maintenance, repairs, customizations, and other automotive matters that do not end the cycle of financial burden.However, there are important car parts that you should not avoid even when it means you have to extend your list of expenses. Among these is a set of car floor mats – a necessary protection for your footing while driving. If you have a strict budget, here is a guide of prices that may help you decide on your shopping.

    $9 to $20 – This is the cheapest range where you may find standard Floor Mats. These mats, which are mostly made of fabric, are common among car owners who avoid spending too much. Although affordable, this does not compromise their safety as drivers. Cheap floor mats still have the capacity to protect your feet from slippage while driving. After all, not all affordable products are made of low quality materials and at the same time, expensive ones cannot always promise the highest standards.

    $29 to $40 – Car floor mats within this price range are heavy duty in general such as snow mats for trucks.You may also opt for vinyl or rubber Floor Mats if this price range meets your budget.

    $40 to $125 – If you want floor mats that are custom formed to the interior of your car, this is the amount you have to prepare. This may mean higher cost upon your purchase, but this will save you from further expenses because they have a longer lifespan than cheaper Floor Mats. You do not have to buy a new set from time to time.

    Knowing the different price range of floor mats will help you decide if you are either going to break the bank or stick with your budget plan. Also, take note that before paying for a new set, you have to check its durability. Whether you opt for the cheapest or the most expensive, make sure they are durable and can serve its purpose for a long period of time.

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