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  • Maximising a space is never more crucial than for commercial or office spaces. The brand of the business is expressed in its space, layout, design, and furniture. This expressionis a message that has a direct impact on how offices and commerce conduct their business and how customers perceive them.The best way to maximise these spaces is to customise them to the needs and requirements of the businesses and the spaces themselves.


    One such company that offers customisation is Systems Commercial. Based in Auckland, the company has been in the industry for 30 years and has been a partner of many businesses for all those years for their furniture and fitout needs. They guarantee functional pieces that do not compromise the aesthetic of modern styles and designs. Having both function and form, their affordable furniture has become the first choice in New Zealand and customers reach them via their stores or online.


    This company offers both products and services. Their products can be bought off the shelf or completely customised. Their ready-made products include pieces such as office seating, desks and workstations, and partitions. They also have sets or themes such as storage solutions, reception sets, and school furniture.


    On the other hand, customised furniture is full service. Their service begins with consultation as the start of the business process. This service brings the company experts and the clients together to develop the concept of the design and the layout. The concept will then be rendered into 3D spatial designs and layouts. This 3D technology allows for a realistic representation of the design that would polish the needs and wants of the clients with the professional advice of these experts and set the proper expectations and plans for both sides. An on-site visit is also an important part of the service to ensure the best and proper fitouts. Before execution and implementation, mood boards and trials are also part of the process for an in-depth evaluation of the design. Potential clients are given the opportunity for a free design, whether for renovation or revamp.


    Systems Commercial is a good example of a company that provides both products and services with off the shelf and customised pieces and sets. Anyone looking to have all these options to maximise their business spaces at the right price, aesthetic, and function should check their stores and online shop for their offices and commercial spaces.

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