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  • When people go there, they usually opt for the best health insurance in Thailand that they can afford. But, regardless of how good the insurance they get, they sill need good healthcare services.

    The Chinese are no exceptions, which is why China’s leading healthcare ecosystem platform, Ping An Good Doctor signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bangkok Dusit Medical Service (BDMS), the largest healthcare network in Thailand. The two medical service groups will pool their resources together, both online and offline in order to provide healthcare services to millions of Chinese patients.

    The Chinese demand for medical services abroad have gone up in the past few years, which many of the best health insurance in Thailand have taken notice of, but the issue is that there is a notable lack of organisations that connect patients to overseas medical institutions, which isn’t good for both ends.

    This partnership seeks to remedy that, combining Ping An Good Doctor’s data, acquired from millions of online users, with the advanced offline medical services provided by BDMS. This collaboration will provide a range of integrated solutions for Chinese patients, giving them a reliable and comprehensive overseas consultation process, which will not only up the current standards of medical tourism, but also set an international medical collaboration model.

    Chinese users will be able to use accurate information to choose the best medical plans via Ping An Good Doctor, giving them opportunities and granting premium medical tourism access to middle-income visitors. Additionally, this will also help Chinese patients access medical technology while abroad, preventing borders from restraining medical care.

    This is a good news for the many, many, Chinese tourists that travel to Thailand, as it means that, even while abroad, they’ll be able to access quality healthcare should they need to. It makes for a good model, hopefully, one that’ll see use in and by other countries across the world. Health insurance abroad for travellers is a very common offering, but there isn’t really too much when it comes to what healthcare services that insurance will be used for. One thing worth noting, though; given how close Thailand and China are, due in no small part to tourism, one has to wonder how such a partnership only managed to appear now, of all times.

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