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  • Service, Tips, Transportation, Trucking Comments Off on A Look At What The Reopening Of The Canadian Border

    Canada’s 16-month shutdown, which the federal government enacted in response to the coronavirus pandemic, is slowly ending, the country reopening its borders for nonessential travel from vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents.

    The restrictions exempted trade and logistics, letting firms like Titan Transline and their truckers continue moving goods freely between Canada and the US. That being said, experts are still saying that the reopening of the US-Canada border is still noteworthy for freight, beyond the expected increase in congestion and wait times that come with the return of passenger traffic.

    It’s expected to drive freight demand growth across Canada.

    Peter Stefanovich, a managing partner at Left Lane Associates, a transportation mergers and acquisitions advisory firm based in Toronto, stated that the opening of the US-Canada border will do a lot for the transportation and logistics industries.

    Opening the border, Stefanovich and other experts state, will lead to an influx of visitors from the US. Data from Statistics Canada backs this up; as they reported that 25mn US residents, alongside 15mn tourists, visited Canada in 2019 prior to the pandemic.

    Stefanovich notes that the influx of visitors might not happen immediately; no one really knows how fast they’ll come back. But when visitors do come back, they explain, restaurants, hotels, and events will see patronage increase, which will lead to those facilities needing freight, which, in turn, will drive up demand for logistics, something that firms like Titan Transline are looking forward to.

    Canada will welcome visitors from other countries come September, which will only further add to the momentum.

    The Canadian hospitality sector will likely greatly benefit from this, as they’ve been struggling due to the absence of foreign visitors. The challenge from this might be securing capacity in big markets like Toronto, especially for specialized freight, like temperature-controlled freight.

    As of August 2021, the US is keeping its land borders closed for nonessential travel. Once they do reopen, it’s expected that the country’s border communities will see the return of Canadians and their love for cross-border shopping, which is a huge part of these communities’ economy and a major driver of cross-border travel between the two countries.

  • Tips, Transportation, Trucking Comments Off on Montana To Vaccinate Alberta’s Cross-Border Truckers

    Logistics firms like Titan Transline have seen no shortage of work amidst the coronavirus pandemic due to the nature of logistics and the importance of truckers to the supply chain. However, the nature of their work also means that it’s hard for them to get inoculated from COVID-19.

    Montana is aware of the issue, and has decided to help out. The state will be providing doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to truckers crossing their borders starting on May 10. Notably, this deal is similar to the agreements that Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota signed with each other, and is expected to benefit approximately 2,000 truckers, which is good news for logistic firms like Titan Transline and the truckers they employ.

    Alberta Premier Jason Kenney stated that the initiative is just part of their efforts to get as many Albertans vaccinated as quickly as they can.

    The Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires a single dose. The designated vaccination site for the initiative is a rest stop located near Conrad in Montana.

    As part of the announcement of the initiative, made on May 7, 2021, Kenney issued a statement of gratitude to the truckers operating in the state as well as the country, saying that their efforts in ensuring  that communities still have food, medicine, and other vital goods amidst the pandemic is appreciated.

    Alberta got hit hard by the third COVID-19 wave going through Canada, with more active cases per capita than any other Canadian province or US state.

    Kenney’s United Conservative government also announced that all Albertans over the age of 30 are eligible for the vaccine as of May 6, 2021, with another expansion on May 10, which will make all Albertans aged 12 and up eligible.

    That means that, within the first half of May 2021, 3.8mn Albertans, out of the 4.4mn total, will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

    According to local data, 100,000 newly eligible Albertans signed up to get vaccinated on May 6, 2021.

    Prior to this announcement by the Albertan government, the province was set to receive more than 4.2 of various COVID-19 vaccines by July 4.

  • Business, Transportation, Trucking Comments Off on The Importance Of Cross-Border Trade In North America

    What shippers require in cross-border trade is reliable US cross-border trucking providers and rail partners with a good network and knowledge about customs requirements on all sides of the border to safely transport goods. During the coronavirus pandemic, travel that is related to cross-border supply chains and logistics moves was exempted from restrictions due to economic necessity.

    However, aside from the challenges posed by the pandemic, another major challenge in cross-border trade in North America is the fine print on the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). A sector that will be seriously affected by the agreement is North American auto manufacturers and their shippers including other related industries.

    According to the United States International Trade Centre, Mexico, and Canada are the two largest trading partners of US manufacturers and shippers. In 2018, the amount of trade that flowed between the US, Mexico, and Canada was estimated at about $1.4 trillion. Canada and Mexico are the top two export destinations for US SME’s with more than 120,000 companies selling goods and services to their North American neighbours.

    Trade with Mexico and Canada supports 12 million jobs in the US. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, at least 49 US states rely on Mexico or Canada as the top three merchandise export markets. In 1993, US agricultural exports to Canada and Mexico amounted to $8.9 billion. It quadrupled to $39 billion in 2017. At least $1.7 billion worth of goods and services flow through the North American borders every day.

    During the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic, there was an immediate 15% reduction in the traffic at Laredo, Texas, where most of the US-Mexico cross-border trade takes place. Cross border shipping rates plummeted because carriers had excess capacity. Now that cross-border traffic is back to normal flow, the big issue among carriers is the removal of barriers that affect the flow of products.

    The most efficient transport solutions are offered by Titan Transline to its customers. Cost-effective solutions will be suggested when planning logistical needs. Aside from the latest equipment, advanced hardware, and software technology, seamless execution of services can be expected by customers.

  • marketing, Service, Technology, Transportation Comments Off on Technologies That Improved The Efficiency Of Trucking And Logistics Providers

    Trucking and logistics providers like Titan Transline have no option but to implement new technology to stay competitive in the market. Standard freight handling has changed from the traditional manual forklifts to powered forklifts and hand carts to conveyors. Anti-lock brakes and collision-avoidance technologies have improved safety on the roads and highways.

    The greatest changes can be attributed to the adaption of information technology. Carriers have taken advantage of sophisticated routing and scheduling algorithms to enhance efficiency. They are able to process information easily and maximize their resources through modern computers with processor speeds and storage capabilities that are way better than computers generations ago.

    Communication between truck drivers has been made possible through mobile telecommunication devices. Satellites are used to track and monitor the truck’s location and mechanical activity. The internet has helped trucking providers overcome the challenges of tracking shipments and communication.

    For the trucking sector, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) like navigation systems and Vehicle Information Communication System (VICS) have provided drivers with traffic information. Location of the truck and freight can easily be tracked through GPS to help optimize travel routes and predict freight arrival time. Great promise is also expected from the use of electronic tags like RFIDs and Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) systems like ETC that is used in toll collection.

    Businesses use the cameras in smartphones to take photos of the shipping container’s interior so that it can be sent overseas to a client and show how the goods have been packaged. Fleet management is optimized because of real time information leading to better transportation efficiency.

    Meanwhile, logistics providers have to minimize transportation costs, storage costs and general management costs including information handling to meet the demands of shippers. However, the growing demand for shipping services like time-specific deliveries, temperature control and cargo tracking has increased the costs of shipping. Consumers must be willing to pay the costs if they want to obtain their goods in a timely manner.

    You can request for a free quote from Titan Transline if you have high value goods, fragile goods, large volume shipments, exceptionally heavy loads and unbalanced loads that have to be transported with support for further specialization.

  • Business, Technology, Tips, Transportation, Trucking Comments Off on Technology Advances That Changed The Logistics Industry

    People are accustomed to everything being online and can be accessed immediately. They can easily get a quote for flatbed trucking to transport heavy construction materials. Previously, they have to book shipments and receive an estimated date of delivery but without the capability to track the shipment. With the evolution of technology, the way that the logistics industry works has changed.

    Internet and software advances have allowed clients to track their shipments 24/7 from the comfort of their homes. A shipment tracking system features shipment notification and messages, customizable reporting and customer accounts with information specific to the cargo that is destined to them. The system improves customer satisfaction and saves time and money for the logistics company, as well.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening many opportunities for the supply chain. Sensors are installed in cabs, cargo ships, trains, etc and connected to an alarm system for monitoring and tracking. The sensors reduce costs and delays because they transmit valuable information to the crew for more accurate in-transit visibility.

    The logistics industry has been using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for years to track inventory. A tag or sensor is placed on the product. Radio waves are sent out by the sensor which can be received and assessed by the logistics company. The superior speed of information delivery and data processing through RFID’s makes them a better technology compared to barcodes. Today, many companies are using RFID tags in their warehouses to easily monitor containers.

    Almost everyone uses GPS on their vehicles and cell phones to assist them with navigation. The accuracy of GPS has drastically improved through the years to benefit the supply chain. Customers can track the truck’s location with access to traffic data. Customer satisfaction is enhanced because companies can communicate with their clients and provide urgent information. Any concern is immediately resolved.

    You can request a quote for flatbed trucking for your equipment and materials. Your freight is guaranteed to be delivered on time with top-of-the-industry equipment, specialized professional expertise and white-glove level service. You can benefit immensely from the latest technologies the company applies to ensure efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Business, Market, Tips, Transportation, Trucking Comments Off on Impact Of Technology On Trucking Businesses

    It cannot be denied that tech innovations have made a great impact on the trucking industry. Due to the huge amount of data that is created by sensors and tracking devices, trucking and logistics businesses have been encouraged to upgrade their technology to keep up with the competition. Since technology plays a huge role in anticipating the current situation of trucking and what will happen in the future, more and more stakeholders are into new technological developments.


    • Technology can leverage data. Software products and systems have the ability to run daily operations of Titan Transline and other trucking companies where a huge amount of data is generated and stored. Examples of these are transportation management and asset and fleet management systems. While the old systems can still store data, new technological developments allow users to access raw data for further processing.


    • Machine learning is possible. While you can train a machine so it can deal with mundane tasks that people work on, the training still needs access to an immense amount of data. Because of technological updates, reams of data are already available and can be accessed easily. This has become a potential start for trucking companies to operate tasks and avoid issues. Machines can send automated decision-making capabilities to the allocation of drivers, breakdown, etc. There is also a chatbot where customer service can be improved through data analysis from TMS and GPS.


    • Technology also does cloud computing. When planning to embark on a new technological initiative, among the biggest challenges that small and mid-size businesses experience are cutting-edge technology and infrastructure access. But since the discovery of cloud computing, these challenges have become accessible and less costly. This has been a great advantage to business people as it can reduce the expenses of infrastructure and computing power.

    To find more innovations of technology that uplift the trucking industry, you may check out Titan Transline and other popular trucking companies. Learning about their services will also give you a broader understanding on how technological innovations and development have become useful for trucking businesses to ship goods from one place to another.

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