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  • E-Commerce, marketing, Technology, Tips Comments Off on Why Consumers Read Reviews Before Buying A Technology Product

    Reviews like King Kong marketing agency review have become a primary source of information for many consumers. Reviews have equal importance to the word of mouth recommendations from family and friends. People no longer make blind purchases because reviews and ratings are all over the internet.

    Technology products and gadgets are expensive and expected to last for a long time. Each technology product has unique features. For example, a computer mouse usually includes sensory technology, advanced optical tracking, USB receiver, and enhanced grip. However, before a buyer purchases a computer mouse, he reads online reviews to determine whether the product features actually work as claimed by the manufacturer.

    A few years ago, a consumer will go to the gadget market and see whether the advertised gadget is available. The vendor will demonstrate how the gadget works. 3 or 4 months after the purchase, the consumer notices that the processor is slowing down. Nowadays, a consumer can access reviews and ratings online that rate the product accordingly. The consumer gets a clear idea of the pros and cons of the gadget before making a purchase decision.

    There are different shopping websites that sell gadgets for lower prices than shopping malls or vice versa. Buyers will be aware of the price differences and whether the gadget is equally good after reading online reviews and ratings.

    For a digital agency, King Kong marketing agency is priceless. The reviews shared by customers provide the company with the best form of advertisement. Consumers trust reviews because they are usually based on personal experiences with a brand.

  • marketing, Service, Technology, Transportation Comments Off on Technologies That Improved The Efficiency Of Trucking And Logistics Providers

    Trucking and logistics providers like Titan Transline have no option but to implement new technology to stay competitive in the market. Standard freight handling has changed from the traditional manual forklifts to powered forklifts and hand carts to conveyors. Anti-lock brakes and collision-avoidance technologies have improved safety on the roads and highways.

    The greatest changes can be attributed to the adaption of information technology. Carriers have taken advantage of sophisticated routing and scheduling algorithms to enhance efficiency. They are able to process information easily and maximize their resources through modern computers with processor speeds and storage capabilities that are way better than computers generations ago.

    Communication between truck drivers has been made possible through mobile telecommunication devices. Satellites are used to track and monitor the truck’s location and mechanical activity. The internet has helped trucking providers overcome the challenges of tracking shipments and communication.

    For the trucking sector, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) like navigation systems and Vehicle Information Communication System (VICS) have provided drivers with traffic information. Location of the truck and freight can easily be tracked through GPS to help optimize travel routes and predict freight arrival time. Great promise is also expected from the use of electronic tags like RFIDs and Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) systems like ETC that is used in toll collection.

    Businesses use the cameras in smartphones to take photos of the shipping container’s interior so that it can be sent overseas to a client and show how the goods have been packaged. Fleet management is optimized because of real time information leading to better transportation efficiency.

    Meanwhile, logistics providers have to minimize transportation costs, storage costs and general management costs including information handling to meet the demands of shippers. However, the growing demand for shipping services like time-specific deliveries, temperature control and cargo tracking has increased the costs of shipping. Consumers must be willing to pay the costs if they want to obtain their goods in a timely manner.

    You can request for a free quote from Titan Transline if you have high value goods, fragile goods, large volume shipments, exceptionally heavy loads and unbalanced loads that have to be transported with support for further specialization.

  • Ads, marketing, Technology, Tips Comments Off on Adobe’s Ban On Political Ads

    Earlier in July 2020, software giant Adobe Inc. announced that they’re to ban political ads from their ad sales platform, which came hot in the heels of other major tech companies banning or restricting such ads soon before the US presidential election.

    As the old saying goes, “If you want to stay friends, don’t discuss religion or politics”.

    This move is notable because, for the people who are invested in many a king kong marketing review and the like, Adobe is one of the big players when it comes to facilitating online ad buying. The embargo covers any ads featuring any candidate or any political issue.

    The tech giant made the reveal following a Wall Street Journal report, with a spokesperson saying that the company has decided that the Political Category doesn’t align with their Ad Cloud business goals. It went into effect on August 30, a cutoff point for ad blitz that usually happens around election year’s Labor Day.

    A lot of digital platforms have opted to take the initiative and set up their own rules for political ads, in the absence of federal regulation.

    With how much money the online advertising industry deals with, how much people invested in king kong marketing review spending, regulation for political ads in the days before the 2020 election is all the more important.

    Twitter Inc. and Spotify Inc. were among the first to make a move, banning political advertising and ads way back in 2019.

    Meanwhile, fellow digital-ad titans Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google placed a restriction on political advertising on their platforms but didn’t actually put bans on the category.

  • Counselling, Service, Technology, Tips Comments Off on How Technology Has Changed Traditional Counselling

    There are alternative avenues for spiritual relationship advice aside from personal counselling and psychotherapy. Online counselling provides a confidential environment where you can express your feelings without any fear of judgement. A certain degree of rapport is established without the need to meet the counsellor personally.

    Another option is email counselling or consultation. You can send an email when you do not know how to cope with a particular emotion or if you are in pain from an emotion that does not go away no matter you do. You can share your thoughts and feelings including your perceptions and interpretations freely and privately. You will receive a reply from a counsellor and you can read its contents whenever you need to.

    Spiritual relationship counselling is also offered via chat for people who require immediate help for their problems and who prefer an online conversation with a counsellor. At present there are two modes of chat available: through Facebook or Msn Messenger/GTalk. There is always someone who will listen to your relationship or marriage problems and will share their own wisdom and experiences.

    Skype Video Calling Facility is a great option for a fast and convenient personal one on one counselling experience. The counselling sessions follow the same format as the traditional face to face counselling. The only difference is you are talking with the counsellor online and not in the same room.

    Access to Skype is easy even for the disabled and sick. You do not have to travel to talk to the counsellor and you can xcavail of the valuable advice from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Counselling over the internet is not new and research has proven its effectiveness. Besides that, counselling is perfect for modern lifestyles.

    Online spiritual relationship advice is very important for people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. They do not have to get dressed and go out. Nobody needs to know that they are getting advice online because they communicate with the counsellor from the privacy of your own home. Online options work well in conjunction with in-person counselling to sort out the issues that are negatively affecting your life.

  • Apps, Digital, marketing, Servies, Technology, Tips Comments Off on Marketing Technologies In The Mobile Environment

    Shopper priorities and buying behaviours have changed. Marketers have to focus on proven strategies like king kong marketing review to fully maximize sales opportunities. The internet has evolved into a forum where consumers can evaluate products and services based on their personal experiences.

    Businesses have to reinvent their marketing strategies so as not to lose touch with customers. When it comes to communication tools, there are highly effective SMS channels and interactive channels like WhatsApp Business that offers a better user experience in the mobile environment.

    Another communication platform is Service (CPaaS) Solutions that retailers can use to cut through email clutter and accelerate post-pandemic sales. The use of omni channel mobile strategies is different from email marketing. Customers are more engaged because of the personalized information they receive from the right people at the right time through mobile.

    Mobile marketing can communicate effectively with consumers and it has more to offer before it reaches its fullest potential.  SMS usually generates a better response than emails because it can immediately deliver time-sensitive communication to drive action.

    With so much at stake, businesses have to be smart when adopting new marketing technologies to connect to consumers. It is not time to experiment with unknown platforms that cannot deliver the expected results.

    Merely informing a consumer that a service is exists is no longer enough. Consumers want to read a king kong marketing review to support their purchasing decision. Consumers want to be informed of a first-hand personal experience with a brand before they engage with the digital agency.


  • Business, Technology, Tips, Transportation, Trucking Comments Off on Technology Advances That Changed The Logistics Industry

    People are accustomed to everything being online and can be accessed immediately. They can easily get a quote for flatbed trucking to transport heavy construction materials. Previously, they have to book shipments and receive an estimated date of delivery but without the capability to track the shipment. With the evolution of technology, the way that the logistics industry works has changed.

    Internet and software advances have allowed clients to track their shipments 24/7 from the comfort of their homes. A shipment tracking system features shipment notification and messages, customizable reporting and customer accounts with information specific to the cargo that is destined to them. The system improves customer satisfaction and saves time and money for the logistics company, as well.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening many opportunities for the supply chain. Sensors are installed in cabs, cargo ships, trains, etc and connected to an alarm system for monitoring and tracking. The sensors reduce costs and delays because they transmit valuable information to the crew for more accurate in-transit visibility.

    The logistics industry has been using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for years to track inventory. A tag or sensor is placed on the product. Radio waves are sent out by the sensor which can be received and assessed by the logistics company. The superior speed of information delivery and data processing through RFID’s makes them a better technology compared to barcodes. Today, many companies are using RFID tags in their warehouses to easily monitor containers.

    Almost everyone uses GPS on their vehicles and cell phones to assist them with navigation. The accuracy of GPS has drastically improved through the years to benefit the supply chain. Customers can track the truck’s location with access to traffic data. Customer satisfaction is enhanced because companies can communicate with their clients and provide urgent information. Any concern is immediately resolved.

    You can request a quote for flatbed trucking for your equipment and materials. Your freight is guaranteed to be delivered on time with top-of-the-industry equipment, specialized professional expertise and white-glove level service. You can benefit immensely from the latest technologies the company applies to ensure efficiency and competitiveness.

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