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  • marketing, Reviews, Service, Tips Comments Off on Why Small Businesses Need Customer Reviews

    In the past, businesses would rely on word-of-mouth recommendations to attract new customers. Others would buy a radio ad to convince people to try the product or service. With the advent of third-party review sites, small businesses gained an invaluable opportunity to connect with potential customers without costing them too much money.

    When a consumer sees a review on a third-party review platform, the decision and urgency to buy are exactly what prompted the search. If you are searching for a restaurant or a car mechanic, the first thing that you will usually do is to call a family or friend for a recommendation. It is also very likely that you will make a Google search for local businesses near you. Review sites are the epicentre of most “near me” searches.

    While there are certainly internet trolls that have nothing good to say about anything, there are unbiased and genuine reviews that can influence a purchase decision. All that the small business has to do is to encourage its customers to write a review based on their experience with the brand and provide them with a favourable rating on third-party review platforms. A good number of positive reviews will bury the negative reviews posted by internet trolls.

    A digital marketing agency uses king kong advertising review to show the acts of good faith that the public must see. Responding to reviews at the soonest possible time actually leads to repeat business because clients appreciate the fact that the agency values their opinions. Reviews are an important part of their marketing plan.

  • E-Commerce, Reviews, Service, Tips Comments Off on Fake Spot Says They Can Spot Fake Reviews And Sellers

    COVID-19 has hit the global economy hard, there’s no denying that. But the silver lining is that the companies that have good e-commerce operations have managed to rake in profits.

    With increasing e-commerce, things like King Kong agency reviews; the elements of online marketing, have become more powerful than ever. However, this also means that online fraud is becoming more of a problem.

    A New York-based startup, Fake spot is a newcomer on the e-commerce field, whose claim to fame is the use of AI to spot fake product listings and reviews on online marketplaces. The company was founded by Saoud Khalifah in 2016, who stated that they came up with the idea after dealing with troublesome listings on Amazon.

    Fake spot’s been getting some attention recently, with a  new Chrome browser extension that’s been getting a lot of downloads, on top of all the visits to their site, and used their “Fake spot analyzer” to help with a purchase.

    Khalifah says that they know fake King Kong agency reviews from real ones, as their AI has a database of 8 billion reviews (about 10 times what Trip advisor has), which it uses to improve. Reportedly, it can now check for AI-generated text, inorganically-made posts, and fake upvotes.

    Something like Fake spot is reassuring to have, in an age where fake reviews can lead to billions of spending, as noted by the data of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority who estimated that fake reviews influence about £23bn in consumer spending in the UK alone. However, it’s not foolproof; nothing is.

    Technology has limits, and we can’t depend on it entirely to be on the lookout for fakes and frauds. Fake spot is a wonderful tool, but, remember, safety starts with each of us.

  • Lawyer, Service, Tips Comments Off on Canadian Lawyers Reporting Increased In Consultancies About Separation Due To Pandemic

    There hasn’t been hard data from a firm like Donich Law, but Canadian lawyers specializing in familial legislation have reported an increase in consultations relating to separations and divorce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Family law specialist Diana Isaac, a partner at Shulman & Partners LLP, Toronto, stated that they’ve seen a 40% increase in calls from couples looking for advice on separation, or are outright looking to end their marriages, since the start of the pandemic.

    Isaac reported that they’re definitely seeing an increase in inquiries. They explain that they’ve seen people whose relationships have been on the edge of breaking down, and the lockdown pushed them into the edge. People were forced to stay together in the same time, dealing with financial stress, and issues regarding the pandemic.

    The spike in demand for legislative advice, that some firms like Donich Law have been forced to hold online sessions to navigate the legal system.

    Divorce mediator Edit Farun have been holding virtual meetups for couples looking for information about separating during the pandemic, alongside social worker Debiie Shawn and family-law lawyer Charlotte Goldfried.

    Farun noted surprise about how many people are looking for help with separation, with questions about how long the process would take, the costs, the issues that need to be dealt with, how the kids would be handled, and other inquiries,

    Farun agreed that the pandemic has led to the stress that drove people to their office. They explain that couples need friends and time away from each other to socialize. The COVID pandemic has locked people in their own homes, meaning that they’re in each other’s spaces 24/7. This, in turn, has made things much harder and more complicated for them.

    Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Montreal President Andrew Sofin noted how hard the pandemic has hit marriages in the country.

    He says that it’s something else, with the pandemic exacerbating all the issues that were present in people’s relationships.

    The damage isn’t equal, Sofin notes, saying that the people who have to deal with the most stress during the pandemic, like frontline workers,  as well as those living in small spaces, have been hit the worst.

    Sofin recommends that people try therapy to reconcile their differences first before having to resort to divorce.

  • marketing, Service, Technology, Transportation Comments Off on Technologies That Improved The Efficiency Of Trucking And Logistics Providers

    Trucking and logistics providers like Titan Transline have no option but to implement new technology to stay competitive in the market. Standard freight handling has changed from the traditional manual forklifts to powered forklifts and hand carts to conveyors. Anti-lock brakes and collision-avoidance technologies have improved safety on the roads and highways.

    The greatest changes can be attributed to the adaption of information technology. Carriers have taken advantage of sophisticated routing and scheduling algorithms to enhance efficiency. They are able to process information easily and maximize their resources through modern computers with processor speeds and storage capabilities that are way better than computers generations ago.

    Communication between truck drivers has been made possible through mobile telecommunication devices. Satellites are used to track and monitor the truck’s location and mechanical activity. The internet has helped trucking providers overcome the challenges of tracking shipments and communication.

    For the trucking sector, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) like navigation systems and Vehicle Information Communication System (VICS) have provided drivers with traffic information. Location of the truck and freight can easily be tracked through GPS to help optimize travel routes and predict freight arrival time. Great promise is also expected from the use of electronic tags like RFIDs and Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) systems like ETC that is used in toll collection.

    Businesses use the cameras in smartphones to take photos of the shipping container’s interior so that it can be sent overseas to a client and show how the goods have been packaged. Fleet management is optimized because of real time information leading to better transportation efficiency.

    Meanwhile, logistics providers have to minimize transportation costs, storage costs and general management costs including information handling to meet the demands of shippers. However, the growing demand for shipping services like time-specific deliveries, temperature control and cargo tracking has increased the costs of shipping. Consumers must be willing to pay the costs if they want to obtain their goods in a timely manner.

    You can request for a free quote from Titan Transline if you have high value goods, fragile goods, large volume shipments, exceptionally heavy loads and unbalanced loads that have to be transported with support for further specialization.

  • marketing, Service, Tips Comments Off on Q3 Funding Round Providing Good Forecast For Tech

    Whenever someone brings up a king kong marketing review or anything related to businesses, odds are they’ll bring up the COVID-19, which is understandable given how hard it hit the global economy. Even online businesses, like digital ads, have been hit pretty hard.

    The pandemic isn’t over, but businesses and industries have slowly been getting back on their feet. Q3 has been a chance for businesses to recover. Naturally, just like how COVID didn’t hit all businesses equally, recovery isn’t even spread out.

    Good news for people in the tech industry, whether they handle tech support, web design, or many a king kong marketing reviews, as their sector didn’t just recover from COVID-19, but bounced back. What’s the old saying? Something about a silver lining, right?

    For those working in the tech sector, business has been good. But with people stuck in their homes and forced to change how they interact with the world, things like e-commerce, digital banking, e-commerce, and the like got a boost.

    For the people in healthcare, health tech became all the more important. Streaming services are now how people hold meetings, and classes.

    The Q3 funding rounds reflect this, with a lot of investors pouring money into tech companies, as they need that capital to grow. Generally, good fundraising is a good sign for a company; it means that there’s a demand for what they offer.

    Q3 2020 has been good for tech companies, with fintech even straight up dominating the West Coast. Granted, that’s usually the case, since San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the Bay Area are there, and they’re hotbeds for tech companies. East Coast saw some activity, as well, particularly in New York, and the Greater Boston Area.

    Regardless, it’s a good sign that for the tech industry that they’re getting back on their feet so fast following COVID-19’s hit on the economy, but only time will tell if people jumped into the wagon just a bit too fast.

  • Counselling, Service, Technology, Tips Comments Off on How Technology Has Changed Traditional Counselling

    There are alternative avenues for spiritual relationship advice aside from personal counselling and psychotherapy. Online counselling provides a confidential environment where you can express your feelings without any fear of judgement. A certain degree of rapport is established without the need to meet the counsellor personally.

    Another option is email counselling or consultation. You can send an email when you do not know how to cope with a particular emotion or if you are in pain from an emotion that does not go away no matter you do. You can share your thoughts and feelings including your perceptions and interpretations freely and privately. You will receive a reply from a counsellor and you can read its contents whenever you need to.

    Spiritual relationship counselling is also offered via chat for people who require immediate help for their problems and who prefer an online conversation with a counsellor. At present there are two modes of chat available: through Facebook or Msn Messenger/GTalk. There is always someone who will listen to your relationship or marriage problems and will share their own wisdom and experiences.

    Skype Video Calling Facility is a great option for a fast and convenient personal one on one counselling experience. The counselling sessions follow the same format as the traditional face to face counselling. The only difference is you are talking with the counsellor online and not in the same room.

    Access to Skype is easy even for the disabled and sick. You do not have to travel to talk to the counsellor and you can xcavail of the valuable advice from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Counselling over the internet is not new and research has proven its effectiveness. Besides that, counselling is perfect for modern lifestyles.

    Online spiritual relationship advice is very important for people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. They do not have to get dressed and go out. Nobody needs to know that they are getting advice online because they communicate with the counsellor from the privacy of your own home. Online options work well in conjunction with in-person counselling to sort out the issues that are negatively affecting your life.

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