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  • Digital Marketing, Reviews, Tips Comments Off on Searching For The Best Digital Marketing Agency

    There are many businesses that opt to work with a digital agency even if they have an in-house team to take care of marketing. It makes sense to work with professionals who know the right strategies to increase traffic to the site and gain high rankings in search engine results.

    The search for a digital marketing agency usually starts with a list of the best marketing specialists in the industry. You can either search for agencies near you or affordable digital marketers. From the results of your search, you can put up your own list of prospects.

    Now that you have a short list of digital agencies, the next step is check out their website. From their homepage, you can evaluate how the agency presents itself to the target audience. The homepage should feature your idea on how your homepage must look like.

    The testimonial is a gold mine of information. Happy and satisfied clients are usually willing to post favourable reviews about their experience. The number of positive reviews is a testament to the good work and dedication of the digital agency. However, there are also digital agencies that are new to the industry which means that they not yet earned a fair amount of reviews.

    The king kong agency review of a digital marketing agency is proof of the team’s hard work, quality and dedication. They have done something good for the client that is why they were given permission to post the client’s testimonial. It is certain that they have exceeded the client’s expectations.

  • Advertising, Reviews, Tips Comments Off on Customer Reviews Vs. Traditional Advertising

    Most consumers ignore traditional advertising because they do not trust paid content. Online reviews are now dominating the online space so that companies are now wondering how to balance their marketing spend between advertising and online review strategies.

    Reviews are free advertising that people trust because they come from real people who have experienced the amazing results of using a product or service. Customer reviews have become trusted content like word-of-mouth recommendations among neighbours.

    The number of reviews that a business gets and the number of times that a business is mentioned greatly influences local search results. Google has the capability to recognize activity on the pages and rewards the website with a high rank in search results. Google likes businesses that remain active online particularly those that respond to both favourable and unfavourable reviews. By responding to comments, a business fosters better relationship with its customers.

    Reviews provide information that cannot be found in advertisements.  Reviews include quality, attention to detail, customer service including pricing. Customers know what to expect even before they visit your website. Online users can easily distinguish user-generated content from advertisements. They choose to trust reviews even if they are posted by strangers.

    The king kong advertising review that you came across in third-party review platforms can be considered authentic and reliable because they were written by the company’s employees and clients. The reviews allow future prospects to know what they can expect from the digital agency when they hire its services. Each review received advertises the value that is delivered to clients.

  • marketing, Reviews, Service, Tips Comments Off on Why Small Businesses Need Customer Reviews

    In the past, businesses would rely on word-of-mouth recommendations to attract new customers. Others would buy a radio ad to convince people to try the product or service. With the advent of third-party review sites, small businesses gained an invaluable opportunity to connect with potential customers without costing them too much money.

    When a consumer sees a review on a third-party review platform, the decision and urgency to buy are exactly what prompted the search. If you are searching for a restaurant or a car mechanic, the first thing that you will usually do is to call a family or friend for a recommendation. It is also very likely that you will make a Google search for local businesses near you. Review sites are the epicentre of most “near me” searches.

    While there are certainly internet trolls that have nothing good to say about anything, there are unbiased and genuine reviews that can influence a purchase decision. All that the small business has to do is to encourage its customers to write a review based on their experience with the brand and provide them with a favourable rating on third-party review platforms. A good number of positive reviews will bury the negative reviews posted by internet trolls.

    A digital marketing agency uses king kong advertising review to show the acts of good faith that the public must see. Responding to reviews at the soonest possible time actually leads to repeat business because clients appreciate the fact that the agency values their opinions. Reviews are an important part of their marketing plan.

  • marketing, Reviews, Tips Comments Off on Steps For Managing An Ad Agency

    Managing an ad agency isn’t just as simple as letting them do their thing and hoping everything goes right. You need to keep an eye on things and make sure things are going smoothly, making adjustment along the way.

    Set goals

    Everything starts with business goals. Make sure that your marketing campaign has a clear goal that everything will be built around, like making sure that the marketing meets a return-on-ad spend (ROAS) target and the like.

    Remember that goals need to be focused and realistic; something that can actually be worked towards while improving operations overall.

    Know your audience

    Every business is different, meaning that every business has different audiences.

    To that end, know your industry, your business, your operations, your budget, your goals, and your audience. What’s the relevance of everything before the audience? Well, simply put, all those things determine how you can reach that audience.

    Take, for example, you’re selling marketing software; know what kinds and sizes of companies it works best for, and aim for them when marketing.

    Set the media mix

    Upper funnel is for brand awareness, the middle funnel is for driving up consideration of brands, and the lower funnel, which drives transactions and revenues.

    Certain types of media work best for certain levels, especially with regard to your goals. Once you’ve decided on what kind of media (social media, blogs, etc.) will be used for which level, partition the budget and having the tactics as per needed.

    Remember analytics

    Technology and analytics back up the creativity and branding that goes into advertising and ad agencies.

    They’re there to make that all those websites and campaigns continue to click, and ensure maximum returns. It’s important that the data is measured properly, as the thing about marketing is that the market shifts, so performance varies.

    Weekly meetings help a lot with making sure that the progress is properly tracked, problems are identified and addressed and changes are made.

    Communications frequency

    Communication is key to any organization.

    For marketing, you need to make sure that the agency communicates at a frequency that allows for optimization. If, say, your budget and small and the campaign is mostly optimized and doesn’t change much, then monthly meetings are fine.

    If lots of testing and changes are happening, with a large budget, then weekly meetings are better. The more frequent the meetings, the better for changes.

    Rinse and repeat

    Remember that advertising changes regularly. That’s why marketing reports have quarters.

    Remember to re-evaluate things every quarter to make sure that your marketing campaign is up to snuff. If you want to get a good king kong marketing agency review, remember that you need to adapt.

  • Digital, marketing, Reviews, Tips Comments Off on 2021 Forecast For Digital Marketing Looking Good

    2020’s been a rough year for a lot of industries. Even digital marketing, which got a huge boost from everyone going online, had some tough times, but things might be looking up according to the WARC Global Marketing Index 2020 review.

    The report, which had a sample size of 1000 marketers across the world, noted how a lot of the indices on the review showed recovery. They explain that this is indicative of the increasing confidence in economies as people adapt to the times.

    The Headline Global Marketing Index, which acts as a summary of the state of the global marketing industry, saw the greatest fluctuation in 2020, starting out the year with a slight decline then hitting an all-time low of 19.7 in May 2020 as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

    Since then, however, economies have been adjusting fairly-well, and optimism has resulted in the digital marketing industry slowly bouncing back, with three consecutive months of increasing growth, with the HGMI ending at 55.4, with APAC and the Americas leading the charge.

    2020 saw lifetime high and low lifetime values, with global marketing budgets reflecting the HGMI’s rends.

    As for medium, digital and mobile led the growth across the industry which started in August, thanks to the sudden boom in e-commerce as a result of people being stuck in their homes. Digital budgets and mobile ended 2020 with index values of 67.4 and 67.0, respectively, which is good news for the people invested in online ads, king kong agency review, and the like.

  • marketing, Reviews, Tips Comments Off on How To Manage Unfair And Unreasonable Customer Reviews

    Research shows that favourable reviews benefit businesses through an increase in traffic to their site, exposure to more consumers, and an increase in sales and profits. Consumers today are avid readers of reviews even if they are posted by strangers. Reviews help them make a more informed decision about a product or service.

    However, there are claims that a good proportion of reviews are fake and are written by freelance writers. Businesses are also complaining about the surge in unfair negative reviews that are supposedly written by the competitors.

    In order to weed out fake reviews, businesses must encourage their customers to use their real names and images when posting their feedback. There are also algorithms or mathematical formulas that can filter out overly positive and negative reviews and large groups of reviews that are posted for a business within a relatively short period of time.

    Most consumers would read between 5 and 10 reviews before making a purchasing decision. However, there are unreasonable comments that some customers choose to post. This practice can affect consumer’s perception of a business. Review sites usually try to identify and delete reviews that look suspicious; otherwise, the business can contact the website concerned and report the matter.

    Most of the king kong advertising reviews for a digital marketing agency are written by the company’s very own employees. Happy and satisfied employees are more than willing to share their experiences with others particularly tech talents who are searching for a job. The reviews also provide potential clients with the necessary information on how the digital agency treats its employees.

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