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  • Map, Mobile, Service, Tips Comments Off on Has Apple Maps Overtaken Google Maps?

    122 Centuries ago, people live happily and comfortably without any care for the outside world. From the 15th and 18th centuries, illustrated maps were created but they look more like works of art. Illustrated maps sometimes provide insights on society or culture through their artistic content. Today, people use digital maps as essential tools to help them navigate their way in cities and towns.

    Google Maps is very popular for people all over the world. The software includes futuristic functions like Street View that offers detailed glimpses into different areas. Google Maps is also consistently updated to include new features. However, the software has a rival in Apple Maps that was released with IOS 7 in 2013.

    Ever since Apple Maps has been launched, Apple has worked consistently to improve the app. This poses a radical challenge to Google. Early this year, TechCrunch reported that Apple is going to rebuild the service by using its very own data for the first time. According to Eddie Cue, senior vice-president of Apple, the tech giant is determined to bring the app to the next level.

    Cue further explained that from the time the app was introduced to the public six years ago, they have made huge investments to ensure that the digital map is up to par. Apple Maps was about directions and how an individual can get to a certain place. Millions of dollars were invested to make new and frequent changes, to add millions of directions and to update the maps.

    The objective of Apple is to create the best map app in the world by taking Apple Maps to the next level. To achieve the objective, Apple is building its own maps data from the ground up. The newest version of Apple Maps was released together with IOS 12 last September with levels of detail greatly improved.

    Domestic and international clients are welcome to order map illustrations of a community, campus or facility. The images that will be used in the illustrated maps are the product of skillful and creative combination of geography, architecture and information. The map illustration can easily become the topic of conversation in the building’s lobby or boardroom.

  • Business, E-Commerce, Mobile, Service, Tips Comments Off on Work spaces Soon To Have Video And Voice Features

    The future is workplaces are looking good. Once could expect technology to play a big role in these changes including the office furniture in Auckland sold for companies and businesses. There will come a time that when the devices inside the office will be synced to those of the employees. Such that when they enter, the tablet for office use displayed on the hallway will be notified of one’s arrival therefore recording the status to available upon confirmation through the employer’s smartphone.


    The computer can be set to always feature the latest news upon arrival while the digital calendar shows the schedule of an individual while on ideal mode but can be used for video conferencing purposes. The desk will then be a part of this digital setup by being connected to the user’s smartwatch thereby monitoring the heartbeat. This will know if the chair has to be adjusted in order to adapt with the need of the body’s muscles.


    With the changes brought by smart office, it can help employees have a seamless day at work thereby benefiting the organization as a whole. It comes as no surprise that many companies and offices are slowly adapting these new work spaces.


    With smart office furniture and technology employed by Internet of Things, anything that the employee is using on a daily basis while inside the workplace, as long as it can be reached through the internet can be controlled and communicated with. This is the same technology adapted by smart appliances such as smart speakers that can control a home’s lighting system and washing machines that automatically sends an order when the laundry detergent is running out.


    The only difference is that smart office furniture focuses more on the function such as scheduling a meeting automatically without the user reading their emails and adjusts the room by learning the preference or pattern created by the individual. Everything should operate smoothly while working in the background. With the innovation of technology, it is now possible for companies and businesses to purchase office furniture in Auckland that resembles the quality of a smart desk.


  • Mobile, Tech Comments Off on Mobile Phone Signal Booster – Solving The Challenges Of Weak Cellular Coverage

    According to recent researches, majority of mobile data comes from the inside of buildings and yet customers from these areas experience weak and inconsistent cellular coverage. In many instances, there is no mobile signal which is very critical for wireless communications.

    The problem of weak cellular coverage has reached the point where real estate agents have to ensure that a high end residential condo has mobile service before units are offered to potential customers. In the world of business, lease deals are often determined by the quality of cellular coverage. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of strong cellular coverage to ensure that sales will not be lost because the client cannot connect to confirm an appointment.

    There are a number of potential solutions to weak signals like the distributed antenna system and small cells that need carrier equipment and integration partners but they require a high initial investment including maintenance and upgrading costs. Another option is mobile phone signal booster that is easy to use and works well with major domestic cellular providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Mobile phone signal booster provides the level of in-building connectivity that both consumers and businesses require.

    According to Curt Burkhart, director of enterprise sales for WilsonPro, their two products 70 Plus Select and 4000R are very innovative. They use XDR technology that is extended dynamic range. XDR technology allows amplifiers to continue working in environments where there is strong outside signal after competitive products have shutdown.

    70 Plus Select works well with five cellular bands with an adjustable uplink and downlink gain controls. It covers zones of up to 35k square feet and can be used ideally for buildings within 25 to 200k square feet range. 4000R is more unique because it essentially combines four boards from the Pro 70 Plus Select series into one unit.

    Your mobile phone signal problems can be easily resolved through a mobile phone signal booster. You can visit for more information on the device that will ensure perfect mobile connection. Experts are willing to help you choose the ideal mobile phone signal booster according to your requirements in the home or business.

  • Many people are attached to their mobile phones that researchers are trying to figure out a connection that can tell about health and mood. In fact, a phone may be able to tell whether its owner is depressed and this seems to be better that self-assessment. This is a new study that was published in Journal of Medical Internet Research.

    According to David Mohr one of the authors of the study and director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, the more that people spend with their phones, the more likely that they will become depressed. Researchers also found out that spending lots of time at home is linked to depression and phone data could predict with 87% accuracy if someone has symptoms of depression.

    28 people ranging from 19 to 58 years old were recruited by Northwestern researchers from Craigslist and integrated location and usage monitoring software on their smartphones. At the start of the study, the subjects took a standardized questionnaire that measured depressive symptoms and the results revealed that ½ has symptoms of depression while the other half did not have any. For two weeks, the phones tracked the GPS location information every five minutes and pinged the users with questions regarding their mood several times a day.

    The phone data that were collected by the researchers were rich and it included information like the places the participants visited each day, the amount of time they spent in the places visited and how often they used their phones. The researches collated the data with the depression test scores. One of the things that researchers found out is people do not answer questions. They may respond for a few days and then get tired of it.

    People who tend to spend more time in just one or two places are more likely to have high depression scores. People who stuck to a regular pattern of movement tend to be less depressed. The data that was derived from the phones were very useful in tracking depression without the need for the user to report what he is feeling. This is usually the barrier to depression treatment.

  • Technology has become an important part of daily life. People who make software are the new celebrities and rock stars who are forging the path ahead for modern web. The first generation of computer scientists who developed the internet came from the academia but today, there is a new wave of programmers who do tons of work behind the scenes to make the internet safe, secure and lot more fun.

    1. Online she is “ladyada” but she is actually NYC-based MIT graduate Limor Fried who develops software and hardware for electronic products and projects all over the whole world. In 2013, Fried told Newsweek in an interview that the company has received $22 million in revenue.
    2. Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion. The founder of Oculus VR is 22 year old Paler Luckey who will be lucky if virtual reality takes off like Facebook.
    3. Depression Quest is an award-winning game that was developed by Zoe Quinn but after being the target of an online harassment campaign, Zoe and partner Alex Lifschitz started on Crash Override which is an anti-online hate mob task force that builds software and tools to stop online harassment.
    4. Another victim of online harassment is Brianna Wu who is the co-founder of games studio Giant Spacekat that made the game Revolution for iOS. After experiencing online harassment, Wu became an outspoken advocate for equality in technology-related fields.
    5. Mitchell Hashimoto is a 26-year old co-founder of HashiCorp that develops programmer productivity software for customers that include BBC, Mozilla, Nokia and Yammer.
    6. Parisa Tabriz is 31 years old and holds the title of Google Security Princess meaning that she is the tech giant’s hacker in residence to figure out flaws in software.
    7. Sara Haider is an Android engineer at Twitter-owned Periscope and is best known for leading Twitter’s Android app.
    8. Rob Pike is co-developer of Go, a programming language that is trying to solve Google-esque problems at a huge scale.
    9. Pinterest’s Tracy Chou is building a reputation as a fast-riser in Silicon Valley development scene.
    10. Julia Wallin at 22 years old has done significant development work for NASA, Google and New York’s Guggenheim Museum.