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  • Business, Market, Tips, Transportation, Trucking Comments Off on Impact Of Technology On Trucking Businesses

    It cannot be denied that tech innovations have made a great impact on the trucking industry. Due to the huge amount of data that is created by sensors and tracking devices, trucking and logistics businesses have been encouraged to upgrade their technology to keep up with the competition. Since technology plays a huge role in anticipating the current situation of trucking and what will happen in the future, more and more stakeholders are into new technological developments.


    • Technology can leverage data. Software products and systems have the ability to run daily operations of Titan Transline and other trucking companies where a huge amount of data is generated and stored. Examples of these are transportation management and asset and fleet management systems. While the old systems can still store data, new technological developments allow users to access raw data for further processing.


    • Machine learning is possible. While you can train a machine so it can deal with mundane tasks that people work on, the training still needs access to an immense amount of data. Because of technological updates, reams of data are already available and can be accessed easily. This has become a potential start for trucking companies to operate tasks and avoid issues. Machines can send automated decision-making capabilities to the allocation of drivers, breakdown, etc. There is also a chatbot where customer service can be improved through data analysis from TMS and GPS.


    • Technology also does cloud computing. When planning to embark on a new technological initiative, among the biggest challenges that small and mid-size businesses experience are cutting-edge technology and infrastructure access. But since the discovery of cloud computing, these challenges have become accessible and less costly. This has been a great advantage to business people as it can reduce the expenses of infrastructure and computing power.

    To find more innovations of technology that uplift the trucking industry, you may check out Titan Transline and other popular trucking companies. Learning about their services will also give you a broader understanding on how technological innovations and development have become useful for trucking businesses to ship goods from one place to another.

  • Market, Tech Comments Off on How Technology And Clothing Were Combined To Make Ugly Sweaters

    People often receive ugly sweater from their aunts who usually wear too much perfume without even considering how they invade other’s personal space. Ugly sweaters always have their space in the storage located at the attic. But that was the case before, because, in today’s modern world where ironic t-shirts are in trend, people see ugly sweater as fashionable clothing that gave birth to an event called the National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

    This is good news for NASA rocket scientist named Mark Rober who is now making ugly sweaters for Christmas. Aside from the ugly designs that Rober puts on his sweaters, people will also notice a small pocket for each sweater. They will have to download an application, put the phone into their pocket and then an interactive video will start to play. This video will give life to the ugly sweater.  You can choose from various sweaters with their own app with video.

    Rober told that he sells his sweaters quickly and are now available in Amazon and eBay. This makes it easier for people to order for the sweaters and wear it for the Christmas season. Just perfect for the increasing demand of ugly sweaters. When looking for a design, people can choose from a burning fireplace, a gingerbread man with his head eaten, or a Santa that gets stuck in a chimney. So before Rober runs out of stock, it would better that people should place their order right away to be assured that they have something to wear this coming Christmas season and surprise their family and friends.

    How This Tech Ugly Sweater Started

    The idea came from the Halloween costume made by Rober in the year 2011. While using two iPads for facetiming, he was able to present himself with a hole in his body, making it look real. The video showing the costume went viral online and gave him the idea of combining technology and clothing. So whatever designs of ugly sweater that people would want to wear, there is one thing that they should enjoy and that is to celebrate the day of wearing ugly sweaters!

  • Market Comments Off on The Demand For Homes in Shipping Containers

    It would definitely take time to adjust when you want to live inside a steel box. There is a student village in Amsterdam which is made up of 1,000 recycled shipping containers. One student moved into the steel box and initially did not like t idea but after three years of living in the steel box, he said that he has no regrets.

    He was not impressed with the containers at first and was struggling to make the decision whether to live in it or not. He started liking the idea when he visited a friend living in the steel box. After that he moved in and realized that it was a great move. He becomes comfortable in the container and likes having a lot of space for his own. The village is known as the Wenckehof remains to be the biggest development of container houses in world. It was initially built as a temporary experiment for the housing market but then proved to be very popular to students which are why it was given a permanent status by the authorities in Amsterdam in 2011. The success of the housing experiment has intrigued different housing organizations and architects into looking for various low-cost solutions to the shortages of housing in different cities are around the world.

    In Berlin, Germany, repurposed shipping containers have been in use for the accommodation of students and more recently for a shelter to asylum seekers. In London, organizations began moving young adults who are struggling to pay escalating prices of rents and are at risk of becoming homeless into the “myPad” containers. The occupants though can only stay for just a maximum of one year.

    Those who are advocating for shipping container homes say that cost savings on materials and speed of installation as well as the capacity to re-use the units in new locations make it a very good option for urban housing. With this trend of the housing sector, the painting and decorating industry as well is gaining momentum. More and more homeowners are looking to renovate and repaint their homes. Indeed, companies like Fitzhugh Decorators Northampton which you can visit at, is benefited from this promising turn of events.