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  • Lifestyle Comments Off on Wedding Tech Trends From The Future

    As technology moves forward, people are finding new ways to make their lives more convenient. For people in the wedding industry, like those that handle wedding catering in Sydney, drones and other new gadgets are becoming more and more common.

    There are other tech trends that are gaining popularity for weddings, and here’s a look at some of them.

    GoPros in the bouquet

    When people think of GoPros, they usually think of extreme sports like kayaking or the like. Well, someone had the idea to tuck a GoPro in a wedding bouquet and it’s been gaining popularity as a way to capture the special moments of the wedding day, no matter how fast they might pass by, with a unique perspective to boot, one that’s up-close and personal.

    Live-streaming robots

    Some couples have decided that a robot would be great to have handling live-streaming duty. It’s a solid idea, if a little silly to start. It frees up someone who otherwise might’ve spend all day manning a live stream camera and lets them enjoy the festivities, while it’ll also give some really lively photos.

    3D printed cake decor

    3D Printing has been really useful for industries, and it’s no less a boon for bakers and wedding catering in Sydney and across the world, as it now lets them 3D print decoration onto cakes and other foodstuffs. Great for creating a modern aesthetic, these decorations not only taste good, but look good as well.

    Light projections on the cake

    You can thank Disney for this one, as they’re the ones who unveiled a line of wedding cakes with digital mapping projections. Now the idea has started to gain ground, with other companies making projections for wedding cakes. What’s the benefit, you ask? You can map anything you want onto the cake, from pretty flowers to old photos and even something poetic or lyrical.


    As mentioned before, people working in wedding catering in Sydney and across the world are getting used to seeing a small drone fly overhead during the ceremony, capturing unique and never-before-possible shots that a normal person simply can’t get. If you want aerial footage during your special day, a drone is invaluable.



  • Lifestyle Comments Off on Professional Code Of Ethics In Software Development

    If adequate training is provided to latin women, they can become talented and qualified to become competitive software developers. In Latin America, there are tech companies that are providing training for coding and software development including web development to women so that they can take advantage of global opportunities in the tech sector.

    In today’s world of business, software is developed at a record-breaking speed to run almost everything. However, the continuous evolution of technology is changing the way that businesses operate today. There is a race among companies on who will the first to market the best product or service without considering the implications of the systems and gadgets used on society.

    For example, YouTube and Volkswagen are technologies that were developed by companies that continue to impact society. After more than 10 years, YouTube has shaped the creation, sharing and consumption of video content. It is also difficult to imagine a world without Volkswagen cars in as much as the company has been a mainstay since the 20th century.

    However, the two companies were recently embroiled into controversies. YouTube was involved in controversial videos with conspiracy theories, partisan videos and misleading content while Volkswagen’s emission standards left a mark in society. In the mad rush to meet deadlines and sell their products, the companies forgot to consider integration and performance tests as well as security. Could people trust the innovations that helped improve the life of people all over the world?

    The mindset of CEO’s and stakeholders that put pressure on developers to be able to deliver the first in the market is the perfect example why there is a need for a code of ethics for software delivery among tech companies. When developing software, it is important to ask the right questions to understand the ramifications of the innovation. There must be broader professional standard because of the absence of international standardized code of ethics.

    Interested gentlemen from all over the world have the opportunity to meet latin women between the ages of 18 and 40 who are looking forward to a serious relationship. Latin women are known for being exotic, charismatic and attractive but they are very temperamental.

  • Event, Lifestyle, News, Tips/Advise Comments Off on Latest Technology In Event Organization

    Technology is developing rapidly that new innovations are launched every month. It is inevitable that it is now dominating various parts of our life and work. It is used by business such as those companies that offer marquee hire in Sydney and the same technology is used by event organizers. Here are the top technologies that are currently used in event management.

    • Augmented or virtual reality. This technology started to gain popularity last year. It was used in various applications such as event mapping, event planning and virtual venues. It also gained worldwide recognition after the popularity of the well-known mobile game called Pokemon GO. It was played in various countries around the world as it brings a new flavour to smartphone games after it made use of augmented reality. In connection with the game, various events have been hosted to invite players in their area. With these events, it has proven that events can be more exciting as it unites participants. This is just one example of how virtual and augmented reality can be employed.
    • Crowd streaming. Live streaming is now a common occurrence in events. After social media ventured into live streaming, it resulted into what they call crowd streaming. Participants of an event can now share their experience on the actual occasion without having to buy expensive equipment or software. Nowadays, a smartphone is all that is needed in order to share the event to their friends and families on social media. There are apps that can be downloaded for live streaming such as Periscope while social media also presents an option such as Facebook Live. Attendees can share the experience which will ultimately reach the followers of the event organizer.
    • Analysing engagement. This may sound like possible years ago but there are new tools in analysing engagement. Gamification, for example, makes it possible for event managers to see data on the kind of entertainment that promotes involvement among their attendees. These event organizers make sure their events are successful from planning to finding marquee for hire in Sydney thus technology plays an important role in making tasks easier.

  • Lifestyle, News, Tips/Advise Comments Off on More Russians In Phuket: More Vacationists At A Family Resort In Phuket

    Tourism, whether you admit it or not, plays a very important role in ensuring that a country’s, a city’s economy stays on a stable shape. It’s completely useless to have as many beautiful beach resorts as possible if those beach resorts don’t get filled up by vacationists especially during the peak seasons such as the summer season. It will all boil down to how the service providers from the tourism industry, and the tourism officials of a city, will work together to attract more and more tourist arrivals into their proud tourism destinations. It will all boil down to how eager you are to continue to develop and maintain new tourist attractions in your city that will make tourists, both local and foreign vacationists, to return and return to these attractions. Now, the province of Phuket in the Kingdom of Thailand, through its tourism officials, have experienced a significant increase in the number of tourist arrivals, flocking to the province. To be more specific, 51% of the total vacationists in Russia have visited Thailand. Keep in mind that the Russians have contributed hugely to the economy of Phuket, approximately 850 million US dollars. And that’s one of the reasons a family resort in Phuket is getting filled up with Russian nationals.

    According to tourism officials in Phuket, one of the primary reasons that can be attributed to the sudden upsurge of Russian vacationists arriving in Phuket is the continuous strengthening of the Russian Rubie which started rising up again earlier last year due to the skyrocketing oil prices in the global market. Also, the improving relation between the Russian government, under President Vladimir Putin, and their trade partners, both political and economic relationships, has paved way for the corresponding rise of Russia’s currency, enabling Russians to consume more. And because of this, hotels and resorts in Phuket, like a typical family resort in Phuket, observed that 80% of their visitors are mainly Russian nationals with 65% of that number are consisted of families taking their vacation together. According   to the data, Russian vacationists in Phuket are spending around 6 Baht on the average, per day and the total number of days that they are staying in Phuket is up to 11 days on the average.

  • Lifestyle Comments Off on Best Memories In Print!

    In this modern world, we have almost all our memories in digital form. There are some who owns hi-tech photography stuff that could capture moments in life with a professional effect. There are also those who just like to capture their moments via their mobile phones. So we don’t know what treasures people have in the mobile phone. The best of which one might say that we hope we can print out and display in special places that we have.

    Collages are also an in thing right now. We can find it almost anywhere, taken separately on our mobile phones and posted on Instagram together in a collage or a collection of other pictures. These best prints and these collages are better off printed too so we can memorialize and display these in our owns. Of course, it would be especially nice if we have the best canvas prints for these memories.

    So, how do make those beautiful collages that we can print out, frame, and display? In this world of developing technology, there are applications or apps that can help us create wonderful collages. Here are some of the best apps that can help with creating the best collage to create best canvas prints. It’s free too!

    • Fotojet – this app has a lot of features and is quite fun to use. There’s a lot of options to choose from in creating the collages. Once done and satisfied with you have, you can then save it as a .jpg or .png file or share it with your friends and family through social media channels.
    • Canva – if you plan to print your pictures on canvas, using Canva will be the best option for you. As most of the apps, you can use the app for free but for a premium price, one can have additional features for them to use.
    • Fotor – is a great photo editor but it also has a feature of making a collage. You can save your output as a picture or in a PDF format.

    The best canvas prints of your collages can be created with the help of these applications. It will be a great way to keep your memories and treasure them for as long as you can.

  • Home Improvement, Lifestyle Comments Off on How Will A Bathroom Look Like In The Future?

    A few years from now, you will enter the bathroom still half asleep and a happy voice will greet you “Good morning.” Look, it’s the mirror talking. At a future home expo this coming May, a research team from Australian national broadcaster ABC will unveil how a bathroom will look like in the coming years.

    Researchers say that bathrooms will be embedded with technology that you can expect the advent of bathrooms that are designed for media consumption like living rooms. There will be no dedicated screens; instead, there will be sensors capable to detect body position and line-of-sight. Surfaces like shower screens and mirrors will be interactive with waterproof smart displays that will respond to voice or gesture.

    The smart mirror will have the capability to interpret your physical health. Data can be relayed to a wearable device or through sensors of its own. Data will be fed back to a media channel like ABC that will deliver the content according to personal health goals and concerns. However, while waiting for these examples of bathroom technology in the future, there are existing technology products that make life pleasurable.

    High end hotels have water-saving digital faucets like the EcoJoy range of tap-ware that can be activated through motion sensors. Meanwhile, Delta Faucet Company has launched the embedded touch-on, touch-off technology on faucets to ensure that water flows only when needed.

    GROHE has integrated wireless technology and push-button operations on its latest products like the digital control for water flow and temperature, water and energy calculator that measures water usage, cost and energy savings and the automatic bath filling feature that fills a bath with a pre-set temperature and water level.

    If you are planning for a bathroom upgrade, consider the high-efficiency flushing toilets from Japanese brand Toto or the smart tool from Dornbracht that will turn a morning shower to a spa-like experience.

    Aside from bathrooms products that are embedded with technology, there is bathroom furniture like tall bathroom storage units that are very important keep the bathroom tidy and well organized. The storage units are carefully crafted to perfectly match with any style and design of bathroom décor.

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