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  • Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Reviews Comments Off on Testimonials Come In A Variety Of Formats And Sources

    Leveraging consumer reviews in marketing is a great strategy. Whenever a new product is introduced, most consumers will do some research to ensure that it is legitimate. Consumers are more likely to trust reviews because our brains are wired to seek validation from people around us. Customers who write reviews and testimonials become the business’s sales representatives.

    Different types of testimonials

    • Standalone reviews – are simple but powerful reviews from happy customers who want to convey their point quickly and concisely to influence other people to make a purchase.
    • Peer reviews – are one of the best types of testimonials because they come from experts in the industry. Peer reviews add real credibility to a brand, product, or service.
    • Influencers – are often well-known personalities with an extensive audience reach in the industry. Reviews shared by influencers usually focus on the benefits of the product.
    • Social media reviews – are made by happy customers who want to share their positive experiences. The reviews can easily appeal to their followers particularly if responses to the reviews are reshared on the product pages.
    • Video testimonials – appeal more to viewers because they see a face and hear a voice. Reviews do not always have to be in writing; they can be in the form of video which is more engaging and appealing.

    A digital marketing agency is able to access the benefits of king kong advertising review by simply asking its clients for them. They display the customer review on the homepage to ensure that it is accessible to visitors and convert them to leads.

  • Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Reviews Comments Off on Customer Reviews As Free Content

    Customer reviews are the best sources of information when you want to make changes or improvements to your product or service. Offering people what they need is one of the key aspects of a successful business. Introducing new products or building new features without taking into account the opinion of customers can be risky.

    Every business will agree that acquiring new customers can be pretty expensive. They need investments in social media campaigns, offline and online advertising, and even trade shows. In addition, the costs of developing and maintaining a website can be exorbitant.

    However, according to statistics, a loyal customer is 10 times more valuable than acquiring a new customer because of returning orders and referrals. Businesses will know whether a customer loves their product or services through customer reviews. Customers share their positive experiences with a brand with others to speed up the growth of the business.

    Relevant content is the core of inbound marketing strategy. Customer reviews are free content that leads to more traffic and conversions because they carry all the information that consumers need. Customer feedback tends to get more social shares and higher ranks in search engine results because they are validation of a brand that is closest to the truth.

    A digital marketing agency values king kong agency review because it creates the right marketing message. In today’s modern world, customer reviews never go unnoticed; in fact, consumers search for them to guide them in the decision process. For consumers, it is always worth considering the personal experiences of others with a brand.

  • Apps & Software, E-Commerce Comments Off on Google Rolls Out June 2021 Core Update

    Google started out rolling out their June 2021 core update on June 2, 2021. The announcement was made by Search Liason Danny Sullivan, who also noted that this core update is one part of two, with a July 2021 core update to roll out soon.

    While it’s expected that some help with your SEO might be needed, this one core update is particularly strange is due to the fact that it’ll be followed-up by another core update in the following month. Google usually releases core updates every couple of months.

    The last core update prior to the June 2021 core update was the December 2020 core update, which was preceded by a May 2020 core update, 7 months prior. The June 2021 core update came out a bit later than most, but is also to be followed up by another update in the following month.

    Two core updates

    Google stated that they’re rolling out these two core updates, the June 2021 update isn’t fully ready for a release, which is why they’ve moved forward with releasing the parts that are ready, with the rest to follow with the July 2021 core update. Google will provide updates on the updates in order to make sure people don’t get caught off guard.

    Google also warned that some help with your SEO and the like will be needed, but the two-part nature of the update means that there’ll be some serious fluctuation for the ranking for search results.

    What people should expect

    Like with any Google update, rankings can go up, down, or stay stable. Those that will be impacted by June 2021 core update might end up seeing the impact on them reversed with the July 2021 core update. Google stated that a lot of sites won’t really feel the update, but the SEOs that handle a lot of sites will see a lot of changes in their Google SERP rankings.

    The update is a global rollout, affecting all languages and regions, and will take around 2 weeks to rollout. Google will also confirm when the rollout is done, which, if the schedule holds well, the page experience update will finish before the July 2021 core update rolls out.

  • E-Commerce, Reviews, Service, Tips Comments Off on Fake Spot Says They Can Spot Fake Reviews And Sellers

    COVID-19 has hit the global economy hard, there’s no denying that. But the silver lining is that the companies that have good e-commerce operations have managed to rake in profits.

    With increasing e-commerce, things like King Kong agency reviews; the elements of online marketing, have become more powerful than ever. However, this also means that online fraud is becoming more of a problem.

    A New York-based startup, Fake spot is a newcomer on the e-commerce field, whose claim to fame is the use of AI to spot fake product listings and reviews on online marketplaces. The company was founded by Saoud Khalifah in 2016, who stated that they came up with the idea after dealing with troublesome listings on Amazon.

    Fake spot’s been getting some attention recently, with a  new Chrome browser extension that’s been getting a lot of downloads, on top of all the visits to their site, and used their “Fake spot analyzer” to help with a purchase.

    Khalifah says that they know fake King Kong agency reviews from real ones, as their AI has a database of 8 billion reviews (about 10 times what Trip advisor has), which it uses to improve. Reportedly, it can now check for AI-generated text, inorganically-made posts, and fake upvotes.

    Something like Fake spot is reassuring to have, in an age where fake reviews can lead to billions of spending, as noted by the data of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority who estimated that fake reviews influence about £23bn in consumer spending in the UK alone. However, it’s not foolproof; nothing is.

    Technology has limits, and we can’t depend on it entirely to be on the lookout for fakes and frauds. Fake spot is a wonderful tool, but, remember, safety starts with each of us.

  • E-Commerce, marketing, Technology, Tips Comments Off on Why Consumers Read Reviews Before Buying A Technology Product

    Reviews like King Kong marketing agency review have become a primary source of information for many consumers. Reviews have equal importance to the word of mouth recommendations from family and friends. People no longer make blind purchases because reviews and ratings are all over the internet.

    Technology products and gadgets are expensive and expected to last for a long time. Each technology product has unique features. For example, a computer mouse usually includes sensory technology, advanced optical tracking, USB receiver, and enhanced grip. However, before a buyer purchases a computer mouse, he reads online reviews to determine whether the product features actually work as claimed by the manufacturer.

    A few years ago, a consumer will go to the gadget market and see whether the advertised gadget is available. The vendor will demonstrate how the gadget works. 3 or 4 months after the purchase, the consumer notices that the processor is slowing down. Nowadays, a consumer can access reviews and ratings online that rate the product accordingly. The consumer gets a clear idea of the pros and cons of the gadget before making a purchase decision.

    There are different shopping websites that sell gadgets for lower prices than shopping malls or vice versa. Buyers will be aware of the price differences and whether the gadget is equally good after reading online reviews and ratings.

    For a digital agency, King Kong marketing agency is priceless. The reviews shared by customers provide the company with the best form of advertisement. Consumers trust reviews because they are usually based on personal experiences with a brand.

  • Digital, E-Commerce, marketing, Tips Comments Off on How Important Is Grata App For Employers?

    A digital agency always looks forward to king kong marketing reviews because it provides them with an insight on the necessary improvements to their service. Customers do not provide feedback all the time but when they do, the business will learn something valuable from the opinion.

    Meanwhile, Mark Bunting, marketing executive of C-Suite marketing launched Grata, a social media platform that will connect frontline employees with customers and employers. The goal of Grata is to build long-lasting connections that will fuel quality growth, accelerate careers and improve customer experiences and show gratitude.

    Customers can use the Grata app to show their gratitude by providing positive ratings for good customer service. Through Grata, employees can showcase their great deeds and highlight value propositions through social media platforms like LinkedIn.

    Grata provides a platform for employers to proactively search for top talent and filter out the highest rated performers with 4.5 rating or more. These are the top talents a company will pay a premium to acquire and invest in for the long term.

    Employee data from Grata and analytics through API integration will provide companies with access to insights that have never been available to them. Such insights will help revenue growth and reduce any expenses related to the hiring and training of new staff.

    A digital agency uses different marketing strategies but it never ignores the importance of king kong marketing reviews that are posted by their satisfied clients. Reviews prove the digital agency’s credibility, improve SEO and place them in front of consumers.

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