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  • Bike Comments Off on Kawasaki Has A Leak, And Its For Their Electric Bike

    Kawasaki, the popular Japanese motorbike manufacturer, is not unfamiliar with electric motorbike technology. Back in 2012, the company filed a patent for an electric motorbike, which, given the amount of time that was clearly put into it, was expected to come to many a Kawasaki dealer across the world.

    Seven years after that initial patent, the company has created another electric bike patent, one that’s drastically different. The new patent for the electric bike was recently leaked, giving the world a vague idea to this latest Kawasaki bike. The leaked patent is no guarantee that Kawasaki will be releasing an electric motorbike, but given that a lot of other motorcycle manufacturers are working hard to develop their own electric bikes, but many are expecting that this patent will lead to a product that’ll be sold to many a Kawasaki dealer across the world, given time.

    The leaked patent’s focus lies on the electric powertrain that’ll power the bike, so the conventional motorcycle silhouette used to represent the bike. The powertrain is comprised by an electric motor, alongside a clutch assembly that’s also connected to a mechanical pump, as well as an output shaft that connects to the wheel, driving them with the use of a conventional chain drive

    Speculation is rife on the bike and its specs, with a clutch in the patent indicating that Kawasaki might use a gearbox to boost the bike’s torque, instead of connecting the output shaft to the wheel itself.A design choice like that would afford the use of a lower torque, smaller motor than necessary in direct drive application.

    Notably, the patent also showed that the new bike sports a common feature in Kawasaki’s more conventional models, a ram-air induction system. It looks as if the air-intake would be positioned just below the headlamp, which would direct coldair to the batter, while a frount-mounted oil cooler will be used to ensure that the motor doesn’t overheat.

    There hasn’t been any additional info on the leaked patent, which emerged weeks foolwing Ducati’s CEO Claudio Domenicali confirming that the manufacturer is close to releasing a mass market sports bike model.

    With emission standards becoming more stringent across the world, low emissionfully-electric vehicles are expected to become more and more commonplace, so it’s not really a surprise that a lot of motorcycle manufacturers have also been considering electric solutions.

  • Bike Comments Off on Choosing Suzuki Motorbike Dealers

    Suzuki is famous for its creative works and supreme power. Since 1952, it was the leading motorbike manufacturers worldwide. Suzuki has developed and evolved after six decades and presented various types of motorcycle series that motorists are interested in.

    The reputation and fame of Suzuki brand give Suzuki motorbike dealers the confidence that the Suzuki motorbikes they are endorsing are dependable with high-quality standards. Because of thesereasons, Suzuki motorbike dealers give their support to the brand by carrying them in their inventory. All models are carefully made with flawless design, rapid speed, superior qualitythat make the Suzuki branda common household name.

    Suzuki Motorcycles

    CRUISER – Suzuki Boulevard is the modern classic which is perfect for a conventional ride and style.The Cruiser has a variety of powerful models you can choose from.

    TOURING – If you want to ride around the countryside along with your motorcycle, the Suzuki Boulevard or V- Storm is the perfect match for this ride.

    SPORTBIKE – When the rider winds the throttle, he can feel the performance quality and engineering of the motorbike. It has 11 great models.

    STANDARD – Standards are suited for an everyday ride when you want full power and easy ergonomics. There are 16 models available to suit your type of personality.

    ADVENTURE – V-Strom is ideal to use giving you the comfort, versatility, and performance. It has 7 fantastic models.

    DUAL SPORT – This is ideal in the smooth pavement and wilderness trails. It comes beautifully in 4 magnificent models.

    OFF ROAD – The 4 fantastic models are ideal for magnificent style and light handling.

    SUPERMOTO – DR-Z400SM is suited for city streets ride.

    MOTOCROSS – RM-Z series in 3 wonderful models are ideal if you desire to win in the race.

    In choosing which type of Suzuki motorcycle you desire to own, always ask for assistance and details from Suzuki motorbike dealers who will help you choose the right bike for you. There are numerous dealers of Suzuki motorbikes today. It is important to choose the most dependable and reputable dealer to prevent any future. Also, ensure all the important papers and proof of warranties are available for future use when the need arises.

  • Bike Comments Off on Honda Focusing On Transportation Safety Through Technology

    According to Honda R&D Americas’ VP and executive engineer, ever since the founding of Honda by Soichiro Honda, its corporate vision is to use . Now the company has moved forward with a deeper reach into the industry with the introduction of autonomous vehicles and this is where they were able to emphasize their philosophy more than before. Its dealers all over the world including Wheels Honda are also one with their vision.

    Klaus was the keynote speaker during the AutoMobility LA event and he said that Honda is now taking a holistic approach when it comes to the future of the transportation industry. Everyone is considered to be road users at this point.

    He added that while Honda plans to use more innovative technology in its vehicles in order to achieve a crash-free future, it is developing other ways in order to champion safety in transportation including the infrastructure, pedestrians and the cyclists on the road.

    One proof that Honda is committed to bringing safety is company’s latest investment to GM Cruise which is General Motors autonomous car department. A total of $2.75 billion was funded to the R&D campus of the automaker which is located in Ohio. The money is intended to help the project move forward with science. On the other hand, GM Cruise is already planning to launch their driverless taxis into the U.S. roads by 2019. Klaus revealed that by 2020, Honda is already on its way to releasing autonomous technology on the 3rd level while 2025 will see the 4th level come to life.

    It was a decade and a half ago when Honda launched its connected-vehicle program through the introduction of Safety for Everyone. This is the international slogan that covers education regarding safety, technologies utilized to practice safety and telecommunications networks in order to further improve safety.

    With the launch of Honda Sensing together with AcuraWatch, dealers such as Wheels Honda are confident that their products are safe. As of writing, 1.7 million products under Acura and Honda have already been incorporated with the safety package and full deployment is expected by 2022 for all new vehicles.

  • Bike Comments Off on Six Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Aprilia Motorcycles

    Owning the motorcycle of your dreams is a great achievement. But the motorcycle has to be maintained properly to keep it functioning to its maximum capacity for long duration. Regular maintenance of the motorcycle can be easily done at home.

    Here are a few regular maintenance tips to keep your Aprilia motorcycles in top shape for years.

    1. Engine oil is an essential component of the motorcycle that needs to be changed frequently. Engine oil is necessary to lubricate the gears and engines of the motorcycles and also aids in keeping the engine cool. Refer to the user’s manual of your Aprilia motorcycles to know about the frequency of oil change. Stick to the mentioned scheduled religiously as not changing the engine oil at prescribed times will lead to problems in the engine.
    2. The next important part in a motorcycle is the spark plug. It is responsible to create the spark that helps to start the bike and also ignite the petrol. The spark plug should be inspected regularly and replaced according to the instructions provided in the user’s manual of your Aprilia motorcycles. Use only genuine parts as mentioned in the manual. The extra cost will be worth as using authorized parts will keep your bike functioning properly.
    3. Inspect the chain which rotates the rear tyre regularly. The chain should not be too tight or too loose. It should be properly lubricated in order to increase the lifespan. Improper lubrication of the chain will lead to excess wear and tear due to excess heat.
    4. Keep the bike clean by washing it regularly. Washing the bikes regularly will not only improve the aesthetic looks of the bike but also will help to keep it functioning efficiently. Do not opt for high-pressure washes.
    5. Inspect the electrical system of the bike regularly. Check for any cuts or abrasions on the cables. Replace the worn out cables to keep the electrical system of the bike in top condition.
    6. Check the tyre pressure regularly and maintain the necessary pressure. The details regarding this will be available in your Aprilia motorcycles user manual. Maintaining proper tyre pressure is very important as over-inflated tyres will not provide the necessary grip on road and under-inflated tyres may overheat and fail, leading to dangerous accidents.

  • Bike, Business, E-Commerce, Home Improvements, News, Service, Tech, Tips Comments Off on Smoother Car Rides With High-tech Suspension Systems

    If you are living within the United States then you know how majority of the roads are in bad shape. There are now potholes here and there because the budget that was intended for infrastructure was not used for the intended purpose. According to the data released by the AAA, drivers within the country are spending around $3 billion annually in order to have their cars repaired from problems caused by rough roads. Even the best suspension systems in the market have nothing against these roads.

    A plan is already in the way as announced by President Trump. The government will set aside a budget worth $200 billion for the improvement of the infrastructure in the country which will cover byways, freeways and highways. The problem is that the plan might only deal with big cities and small cities will have to still endure the rough roads.

    There is another solution on the horizon which is presented from the technical side – a smart suspension system. This will help cars to have a smoother ride regardless of the potholes it goes over. It can also deal with other rough surfaces including broken concrete, speed bumps, expansion joints on bridges and cobblestones.

    According to ClearMotion which is a spinoff company under MIT which is based in Boston, they are already on the process of creating a proactive suspension system. They said that this new suspension will be a notch better compared to active suspension that is installed on high-end vehicles. Active suspension systems employ electromagnetic fluids or hydraulics in order to make the ride smoother. The suspension system being developed by ClearMotion, on the other hand, will utilize small actuators that will help lift the wheels when there are bumps. In simple illustration, old suspension systems are defensive but the smart suspension system is offensive.

    The founder of Clear Motion who is also the CEO, Shakeel Avadhany, said that they are using digital technology to tackle problems with the road. The driver will be aided by a number of software connected to suspension systems while travelling on the road. Every wheel will be installed with accelerometers to act as sensors during impact so that the wheel can move according to the need of the vehicle.

  • Bike, Business, News, Tech, Tips/Advise Comments Off on Toyota And Suzuki Working Together Towards Possible Collaborations

    Suzuki Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation are two of Japan’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers. The two giant companies have officially formed a business partnership for a possible collaboration on environmental, safety and information technologies including mutual supply of products and components. The Suzuki brand is available through Suzuki bike dealers in the UK.

    In a joint statement that was issued by both Suzuki and Toyota, they will immediately establish a framework for the implementation of the possible collaborations to bring it to realization. It is also expected that the collaboration will see the two companies together on autonomous driving technology.

    While Toyota and Suzuki have not revealed the work that they are planning to collaborate on, speculations suggest that the two companies are developing autonomous driving systems. Toyota has already taken the lead on the technology of self-driving car and it is expected that the auto manufacturers will help Suzuki by sharing its expertise in the production of compact cars. It is more likely that one of the possibilities will be small hybrid cars from joint manufacturing to generate higher economies of scale.

    In order to avoid Japan’s anti-trust laws, Toyota and Suzuki will sell their vehicles under separate brands but consumers can expect a new venture that will be funded by both manufacturers for the expansion of their partnerships.  It is expected that Suzuki will gain the best benefits from Toyota’s expertise in the technology for self-driving cars.

    Suzuki sought out the partnership with Toyota because of their concerns over the development of advanced technologies. On the other hand, Toyota was enthusiastic on working together with Suzuki for the benefit of society. Toyota wants a cooperative endeavour that will enable people throughout the world to enjoy future mobility with full of smiles. Toyota looks forward to working with Suzuki while it continues on taking challenges.

    A full Suzuki road bike range is available through Suzuki bike dealers in the UK. A variety of demonstrator bikes are also available throughout the year. If you have any questions, there are trained and knowledgeable Suzuki technicians who can help in making choice for the bike that will exactly suit your needs.