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  • Advertising, Digital Marketing, Reviews Comments Off on Reddit Starts Another Round Of Funding, Aiming To Raise $700mn

    Reddit is working on launching late-stage Series F funding round, with the online platform saying that it plans to raise an additional US$700mn, which would bring the company’s total value up to at least US$10bn.

    This latest round of financing will be led by Fidelity Management and Research, with Reddit’s other investors to participate.

    Reddit issued a statement on the matter, saying that they’re optimistic about this round of financing, hoping to take advantage of and build upon their recent growth. They state that the funding they raise will be used to subsidize investments in advertising, as well as help with the company’s staffing and international expansion.

    The social platform has been doing fairly well, with a good King Kong advertising review, and its first $100mn ad revenue quarter in Q2 2021, with ad sales on the platform going up by a whopping 192% on a year-on-year basis. Reddit also added that they expanded its operations in the UK, Canada, and the AU, and hired its very first Chief Financial Officer.

    While Reddit’s communities are known for their general unruliness, but they’ve also proven valuable to brands, politicians, and other advertisers. Recently, retail investors have turned to Reddit, creating forums to act as their base camp and providing counsel to companies on the platform like GameStop.

    These changes, alongside the growth of digital advertising on Reddit, helped the platform nearly double in value from 2020, back when it was valued at around US$6bn.

    Reddit, founded in San Francisco back in 2005, counts Tencent Holding and Snoop Dogg among its investors. According to the company, the company has around 52mn daily active users and more than 100,000 communities, as of January 2021.

  • Advertising, Digital Marketing, Reviews Comments Off on Singapore Polytechnic Looking For Digital Marketing Agency

    Singapore Polytechnic, the country’s oldest polytechnic, is on the lookout for a digital marketing agency, which it will hire on a retainer basis.

    The educational institution posted a tender which is set to expire on August 12, 2021, stating that the firm that they choose will be contracted for a 12-month period, with the option to extend the contract for another 12 months. Said tender also listed down, in detail, what the chosen firm will be responsible for as per the terms of their contract.

    The firm chosen for this appointment will be providing a range of services to the educational institution, not least of which includes round the clock strategic counsel as well as providing counsel on crisis and incident management communications on an as-needed basis, on top of keeping track of SP’s website and social media analytics, with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports required.

    Planning and communication strategies, as well as project management and coordination with reporting are also going to be part of the chosen firm’s responsibilities, alongside the expected ad creation and curation services.

    SP’s primary target audience was also listed down on the tender as reference for firms interested in making a pitch. The polytechnic’s primary demographic, as noted, are secondary school students aged 15-21 years old, with parents aged 40-50 being the secondary demographic.

    Notably, this is not the first time SP has been looking through many a King Kong agency review and hunting down a digital marketing agency for its marketing needs. Back in 2019, it looked for, and hired a digital marketing agency, with the aim of helping the polytechnic promote itself among potential students in Singapore and select countries in Asia.

  • Advertising, Reviews, Tips Comments Off on Customer Reviews Vs. Traditional Advertising

    Most consumers ignore traditional advertising because they do not trust paid content. Online reviews are now dominating the online space so that companies are now wondering how to balance their marketing spend between advertising and online review strategies.

    Reviews are free advertising that people trust because they come from real people who have experienced the amazing results of using a product or service. Customer reviews have become trusted content like word-of-mouth recommendations among neighbours.

    The number of reviews that a business gets and the number of times that a business is mentioned greatly influences local search results. Google has the capability to recognize activity on the pages and rewards the website with a high rank in search results. Google likes businesses that remain active online particularly those that respond to both favourable and unfavourable reviews. By responding to comments, a business fosters better relationship with its customers.

    Reviews provide information that cannot be found in advertisements.  Reviews include quality, attention to detail, customer service including pricing. Customers know what to expect even before they visit your website. Online users can easily distinguish user-generated content from advertisements. They choose to trust reviews even if they are posted by strangers.

    The king kong advertising review that you came across in third-party review platforms can be considered authentic and reliable because they were written by the company’s employees and clients. The reviews allow future prospects to know what they can expect from the digital agency when they hire its services. Each review received advertises the value that is delivered to clients.