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  • When you’re blogging about something, you need to make it interesting. That’s easier said than done for certain subject matter, like for junk related businesses, like junk hauling Orange County, which isn’t exactly something most people enjoy talking about.

    1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the world’s biggest full-service professional junk disposal company, and they run a company blog that talks about junk removal. PR Director Tania Venn was courteous enough to give info on how to run an effective junk removal blog, for companies handling junk hauling Orange County and anywhere else.

    Making it interesting

    A lot of marketers come run into the point where they say that they’re business is boring, and that nobody cares about their business and what they do, so how to go and create content.

    Venn says that the best way to go about with content is to go with what’s relevant; for example, if you’re dealing with junk removal, talk about how people can de-clutter and get their space back, or get a garage sale going. There’s also environmental sustainability, which is one of the most relevant topics out there right now.

    Alongside that, Venn says that being timely helps when promoting junk hauling Orange County or anywhere else. The holiday season currently happening is great for getting inspired; all that Christmas waste has be dealt with, after all.

    Write for you buyers

    Blogs, good blogs, focus on what people actually deal with. For junk removal, they have to acknowledge the fact that’s a sentimental aspect do getting rid of stuff. Venn says that there’s something special and magical about getting rid of all that unneeded junk, which is what they talk about on blog posts, since that’s what customers are looking for.

    When a blog focuses on buyers’ problems, they might not necessarily end up creating a lead or a customer, but giving them some advice and information might do much to create some loyalty, and, while they might not end up getting their services, that that’s creating some good will, for when people can actually afford their services. Again, the general idea is to focus on the customer and their needs.

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