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    There is no doubt that Google Maps is very useful and practical for travelers but they not are very pretty if compared to illustrated maps. For example, the London City Illustrated Map is a cartographic creation that reflects the artist’s skills and creativity. Even if it is hand drawn, the illustrated map is highly detailed and comprehensive.

    Today, travelers rely on their Smartphone map apps to get around a strange place. However, map apps are not created equal. There will always be a map app that stands out from all the rest. Below is a list of different map apps that are best for travelling.

    For years, Arthur Grabowski, senior manager of corporate development at Adobe, has studied Waze, Google Maps and Apple Maps to determine the best. He has developed a scoring system for the apps so that they can be ranked accordingly. The scoring system is based on factors like shortest travel time, how each app over/under estimated travel time and how the app allowed users to arrive a place at the quickest time possible.

    Waze in a map app that breaks out user’s data to provide accurate traffic updates. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world use Waze but Grabowski find the app as not so accurate although it can provide the fastest driving time. Live traffic updates and notifications on potholes are the best benefits delivered by Waze to users.

    After 120 trips over the course of a year, Grabowski declared that Google Maps is the most accurate in delivering users to their destinations at the fastest possible time. After testing Waze and Google Maps, the later has the fastest service.

    Apple map apps want to provide users with a positive experience but it usually underestimates arrival time. A user can arrive at the destination 1% faster than the estimated time of arrival provided by Apple map app.

    Before you travel to a strange city like London, it makes sense to study a map of the city. If you want a map that has more aesthetical value, you can opt for London City Illustrated Map that highlights popular landmarks, buildings and streets in an artistic and creative way.

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