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  • Massage Therapy, Servies, Tips Comments Off on Different Types Of Massages And Their Health Benefits

    Years ago, when people needed a massage to ease their body aches and pains, they go to luxury spas and upscale health clubs. Today, massage therapy is available in clinics, hospitals, businesses and even airports. Massage therapy has become very popular lately because of the health benefits it provides.

    Different types of massage

    • Swedish massage – is one of the most common types of massages. It involves soft, long, kneading strokes and light, rhythmic tapping strokes on the topmost layers of the muscles combined with movement of the joints. Swedish massage is very popular because it is relaxing and invigorating and helps increase blood flow and break down scar tissue.


    • Deep tissue massage – is a type of massage that focuses on painful and stiff troublesome spots of the body. Deep tissue massage involves slow deliberate strokes that put pressure on the layers of muscles, tendons and other tissues under the skin. While it is less rhythmic than other types of massages, deep tissue massage relieves chronic patterns of tension and helps with muscle injuries.


    • Sports massage – is similar to the Swedish massage but it is more focused on athletes. Sports massage helps the muscle systems that are used for a particular sport to promote flexibility and help prevent injuries. There are different approaches to sports massage to help athletes in the training before, during and after a sports event.


    • Shiatsu massage – which means finger pressure in Japanese makes use of different rhythmic pressures on precise points in the body that are called acupressure points. Proponents of the shiatsu massage say that it is important in the flow of the body’s vital energy called chi.

    There are many other different types of massages with benefits that go beyond relaxation. Studies have revealed that massage therapy is effective for back pain, headaches, knee osteoarthritis and helps reduce depression and stress.

    Another popular type of massage is tantric massage which is a massage technique that involves the whole body including the intimate areas. Unlike other massage therapies, tantric massage incorporates spiritual elements like mindfulness, eye contact and breathing techniques. The goal is to awaken sexual energy and deepen the intimacy between partners.

  • Digital Marketing, Reviews Comments Off on The Growth Mindset Of Sabri Suby

    It takes an intense amount of courage and hard work to build a business from the ground up. Sabri Suby created the digital marketing agency King Kong from his own bedroom seven years ago for only $50. Since then he has turned the company into Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency with a $50M net worth.

    Recently, King Kong has rolled out to four other international markets, namely US, UK, New Zealand, and Canada. Here are three insights from Suby himself about growing a business.

    1. Get out of your four walls.When Suby started out, he almost won a $30,000 pitch. When the client wanted to meet him at his office, he looked around his bedroom—he had no office to show. This is when he rolled up his sleeves and strived to build a proper business.


    1. Focus on your unique methods.This sets you apart from your competitors. King Kong’s methodology is very different. More than just numbers and analytics, they focus on the psychology of buying and selling. While systems and measures are put in place, just because a brand new trend comes up, it doesn’t mean that one must immediately latch on to it.


    1. Make the most out of every platform you’re given.In creating content, utilise every platform, from Instagram to LinkedIn. Each platform has its own format and audience, so adapt your style to suit each one.


    Besides expanding King Kong Sabri Suby also has a new book where he shares his expertise and experiences, “Sell Like Crazy.”