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  • Business Comments Off on Why Work For Canadian Trucking Companies

    People love to travel while doing it for money on a regular basis. It’s actually a privilege and a dream to see foreign lands, especially for those in the Canadian trucking companies. To make this possible, you want to become a truck driver and work for a trucking company.  If you’re in the US, you would want to deliver loads to Canada and Mexico. Truckers are important to everyday life and to the industries of food and dining, retail, automotive and manufacturing. The first year of driving a truck can be difficult for a new truck driver, but as the days progress, he learns to develop his driving skills. So, let’s try to find out the benefits of driving a truck in your first year.

    How a Trucker’s Life Goes?

    Just like any career choice, truck driving can be your chosen field, and will require tailoring of your lifestyle around this job. A typical trucker’s schedule will mostly be out on the roads for several weeks and probably few days at home. The trucker’s schedule is probably the most difficult aspects, especially when dealing with loved ones. These are one of the jobs that require truckers to be away from their family and friends on a daily basis. So, if you’re working for Canadian trucking companies, you’ll always be on the roads most of the time.

    One big physical challenge a trucker can face in his job is learning to control the truck and trailer he will be operating. He will be trained for a commercial driver’s license and will take a month for the courses and workshops. One great thing about the CDL training is having it easier compared to other college courses and trade schools. With the training, new drivers can start driving and may earn full-time salaries that most college graduates may earn.

    Although the CDL training comes cheaper with less time required, a trucker must learn how to curve the truck especially during long-haul drives. The job is more demanding as you need to travel eight to ten hours per day. If you want to stick to the job as a truck driver for Canadian trucking companies, you need to be determined and have the passion for the job. You must know your current loads and work breaks for a more challenging job.

  • Bike Comments Off on Kawasaki Has A Leak, And Its For Their Electric Bike

    Kawasaki, the popular Japanese motorbike manufacturer, is not unfamiliar with electric motorbike technology. Back in 2012, the company filed a patent for an electric motorbike, which, given the amount of time that was clearly put into it, was expected to come to many a Kawasaki dealer across the world.

    Seven years after that initial patent, the company has created another electric bike patent, one that’s drastically different. The new patent for the electric bike was recently leaked, giving the world a vague idea to this latest Kawasaki bike. The leaked patent is no guarantee that Kawasaki will be releasing an electric motorbike, but given that a lot of other motorcycle manufacturers are working hard to develop their own electric bikes, but many are expecting that this patent will lead to a product that’ll be sold to many a Kawasaki dealer across the world, given time.

    The leaked patent’s focus lies on the electric powertrain that’ll power the bike, so the conventional motorcycle silhouette used to represent the bike. The powertrain is comprised by an electric motor, alongside a clutch assembly that’s also connected to a mechanical pump, as well as an output shaft that connects to the wheel, driving them with the use of a conventional chain drive

    Speculation is rife on the bike and its specs, with a clutch in the patent indicating that Kawasaki might use a gearbox to boost the bike’s torque, instead of connecting the output shaft to the wheel itself.A design choice like that would afford the use of a lower torque, smaller motor than necessary in direct drive application.

    Notably, the patent also showed that the new bike sports a common feature in Kawasaki’s more conventional models, a ram-air induction system. It looks as if the air-intake would be positioned just below the headlamp, which would direct coldair to the batter, while a frount-mounted oil cooler will be used to ensure that the motor doesn’t overheat.

    There hasn’t been any additional info on the leaked patent, which emerged weeks foolwing Ducati’s CEO Claudio Domenicali confirming that the manufacturer is close to releasing a mass market sports bike model.

    With emission standards becoming more stringent across the world, low emissionfully-electric vehicles are expected to become more and more commonplace, so it’s not really a surprise that a lot of motorcycle manufacturers have also been considering electric solutions.

  • Keys, Servies, Tips Comments Off on Technology Introduces Locks Without Keys

    If you will ask the locksmiths in Northside, they will tell you that there is a wide range of locks available for all types of doors. However, technology has introduced a new kind of lock that does not need a key to open the door of the home or office. This type of security system is ideal for businesses with multiple persons to require access. It reduces the inconvenience of lost or stolen keys.

    One of the most well known names associated to locks is Yale. Aside from being a traditional lock maker, Yale has moved to the smart door lock market. The locks have different entry methods from touch panel control, key card or tag. There is also the option of remote access through a smartphone app that can connect the lock to the smartphone system.

    In Yale’s range of smart locks, you will find Conexis that has no keypad but can be accessed through an app in the smartphone. Users can send mobile keys to allow people access when they are not on the workplace. The mobile keys can be set to work for only a few hours. They can be revoked if the user no longer wants to allow access to certain employees.

    Nest is a popular name in smart home technology because of the smart thermostat and alarm system. The partnership between Yale and Nest has produced a tamper-proof keyless deadbolt that will set the alarm if someone tries to open the door. The lock is connected through Nest Connect or Nest Guard to Nest app that will allow the door to be opened using the smartphone.

    Codelock is an established name in keypad entry locks. They have expanded their offerings to include smart locks that combine card and keypad entry system with smart technology. The mortice locks allow 350 users. It has a capacity for 100 phone users and 100 codes including 150 smart cards.

    The above mentioned locks are ideal for businesses and retail stores. For the home, you can simply ask the locksmiths in Northside to upgrade your locks in case there is a sudden rise in crime in your community. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.



  • Business Comments Off on Ways To Achieve A Modernized Kitchen

    Remodeling a kitchen nowadays is very different from when people remodel their kitchen a few decades ago. Back then, homeowners are not thinking about kitchen splashback tiles mosaic but goes with simple designs while they focus more on the paint colours and cabinets to be installed. A kitchen is no longer as simple as before because functionality is now very important and must be kept in mind while planning the design and layout. Therefore, homeowners must be updated with the latest trends when it comes to remodeling kitchen and the technology which can be taken advantage of.

    First, a kitchen should have a charging station for mobile devices. Everyone has a smartphone these days that they cannot function without it. Modern kitchens are now equipped with charging stations that are designed to be a part of the room. Gone are the days when phone chargers are left hanging on the kitchen counter which can be an eyesore. Charging stations for portable devices can now be installed inside drawers or cabinets where it can be charged properly without mixing with kitchen items.

    Modern kitchens must also have appliances that are of professional quality. These type of cooking appliances are no longer reserved for professional chefs alone but these can be seen at regular homes as well. These professional appliances include teppanyaki griddles, steam ovens, induction cooktops and fryers among many others. Majority of modern kitchen appliances can be operated remotely via Wi-Fi.

    Another must-have inside the modern kitchen is smart faucets. These can either be operated through hands-free sensor or it can have the latest LED tech. there are many other types of faucets to choose from including one with antimicrobial protection, a faucet with spout that can be pulled up and down and faucets with finishing that is resistant to spots and stains.

    The kitchen surfaces must also be given attention. Granite countertops are not recommended as it easily captures stain but one of the most popular is the engineered quartz which is easy to maintain and have different variations. Homeowners can also go for a kitchen splashback tiles mosaic to create a unique vibe inside the kitchen.

  • Business Comments Off on Compass Real Estate Looking To Redesign The ‘For Sale’ Sign

    Physical signs, like those seen in  Brisbane signs are tried and tested; effective even in the age of digital advertisement. Of course, there’s always someone looking to innovate on current techniques and methods.

    Real estate technology startup company, Compass, is looking to do exactly that with the classic real estate ‘For Sale’ sign, with their latest prototype. This new design is currently sitting at the 10th-floor conference room at the company’s headquarters, shaped like a magnifying glass. It sports a minimalist design, with matte-black pain and a glowing inner rim of its ringed frame.

    The prototype doesn’t look like much; it doesn’t even look much like a ‘For Sale’ sign. The only thing on it is the real estate agent’s  contact information and little else. But that’s the point of this new design, to broadcast to buyers that a property is up for grabs, and, with the use of embedded technology, grants access to additional information, more than the traditional printed sign can offer.

    Matt Spangler, Compass’s Chief Creative Officer, presented the prototype, showing its modular functionality, which lets the ring detach from the base, as well as detaching the printed piece in the centre to be replaced, among other functions.

    In other sectors, physical and digital technology is already merging. Signage, like  Brisbane signs have even developed with holograms and augmented reality. For real estate, however, they only online aggregators, which only replicate the function of the old-fashion classified ads.

    Compass, with the $450 million they got from the Softbank Vision Fund in December 2018, has plans  innovate real estate signage. They’re doing this with cooperation from Aruliden, a branding and design firm the company hired.

    According to Johan Liden, Aruliden co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, real estate signage hasn’t really changed or innovated in a long time, which means that innovations on the field are an opportunity waiting for someone to take it, which they plan to do with Compass’s signs.

    Perhaps the most relatable thing they’ve said on the matter is with regards to practicality; the challenge of pushing technology today, while still maintaining a reasonable time frame, costs, on top of being innovative, inspiring, and, most importantly, functional. It’s well worth asking, they say, if technology can get there, if it can get there soon, and it can get there reasonably.

    That’s just how it is when innovating, right? Practical concerns should never be disregarded, or it’ll end up into a fiasco. Let’s not name names.

  • Business Comments Off on Japan Developed Robot For Hanging Plaster

    A team of researchers from Japan have developed a new robot which has the ability to hang plaster. Despite the news, professionals in the field such as plasterer in Sydney are not worried about the robot taking their jobs as it covers a different scope. The development of the robot plasterer came as after an announcement from Honda last June that they are shutting down the Asimo humanoid project they were developing.

    It was then that the researchers at Advanced Industrial Science and Technology or AIST decided to pick up where they left off and launched their own robotics creation, HRP-5P.

    This is not the first robot designed for the construction industry. The first robot is a bricklayer called Hadrian X. It can lay a maximum of 1,000 bricks per hour on a single structure. There is also a robot called AutoSaw that can cut the timber to be used on the wall and then carry it where it is needed.

    This new innovation, the HRP-5P, is intended to help in tasks involving the interior surfaces. AIST was quite straightforward with its intention upon designing the robot. HRP-5P, according to them, was designed to eliminate the need for human intervention. The work can be done autonomously and it removes human from dangerous work settings.

    The plasterer robot weighs 101 kilograms and stands at 182 centimetres. It has the capacity to carry objects that are tatami-sized. It can screw the plasters into place by measuring its environment and using tech such as object recognition.

    AIST revealed that they had help from a number of private enterprises, such as Kawada Robotics, in order to create the robot. A few of the mobility tech they used on the robot was an evolution of the same ones they used in HRP-2 which they were developing since 2011 as a disaster-response robot.

    From there they were able to make the robot perform actions that are similar to human actions like walking on irregular terrain and turning valve depending on the measurement taken. The team recognizes that shortage of manual labourers such as plasterer in Sydney will require them in the future to develop robots that will fill in to do the tasks.

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