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  • Business Comments Off on Where A PADI Instructor Course In Thailand Takes You In Scuba Diving

    You may consider Thailand as the best place to do scuba diving. Why not be a PADI professional in this country. It may seem difficult if you don’t know the “ins” and “outs” of this sport, but all you’ll ever need to do is enroll in a PADI instructor course in Thailand, and you’re good to go. However, you may need to take series of diving courses until you become a professional dive instructor.

    The first course to take to become a PADI pro is the PADI open water course, which will last three days and provide you a foundational knowledge to dive safely and without supervision. This dive course will take you to a depth of 18-metres until you master the sport. If you want to go deeper, you’ll need to take up the PADI advanced course, which makes you go to a maximum depth of 30-metres. Dive students stop there if their only purpose is to recreate themselves.

    However, there are dive students who still want to broaden their knowledge and improve the underwater skills, so they continue with their dive education. If you want to be trained with a PADI rescue diver course, you become a certified first aider, which only takes half a day. The course is not only helpful during emergencies and accidents, but you can apply it to your daily lives.

    Some divers want to pursue taking up the PADI instructor course in Thailand, especially that the country is more relaxed with its lovely and warm sea conditions. The course will take four to six weeks to complete, but it can be done faster if the student has limited time. Here you’re taught scuba diving theories and practical applications. The trainees are taught how to assist certified divers and help PADI instructors teach a variety of courses. Even if you have no plans of working as a dive master, the course makes you feel confident and experienced in the seawater. However, if you want to work as a PADI instructor, you’ll need to take an exam to qualify.

    You’ll still need to take up more PADI dive courses to make you a real professional in the field of scuba diving. Just check out some great dive centres in Thailand and learn the sport from basic to professional.

  • Map, Mobile, Service, Tips Comments Off on Has Apple Maps Overtaken Google Maps?

    122 Centuries ago, people live happily and comfortably without any care for the outside world. From the 15th and 18th centuries, illustrated maps were created but they look more like works of art. Illustrated maps sometimes provide insights on society or culture through their artistic content. Today, people use digital maps as essential tools to help them navigate their way in cities and towns.

    Google Maps is very popular for people all over the world. The software includes futuristic functions like Street View that offers detailed glimpses into different areas. Google Maps is also consistently updated to include new features. However, the software has a rival in Apple Maps that was released with IOS 7 in 2013.

    Ever since Apple Maps has been launched, Apple has worked consistently to improve the app. This poses a radical challenge to Google. Early this year, TechCrunch reported that Apple is going to rebuild the service by using its very own data for the first time. According to Eddie Cue, senior vice-president of Apple, the tech giant is determined to bring the app to the next level.

    Cue further explained that from the time the app was introduced to the public six years ago, they have made huge investments to ensure that the digital map is up to par. Apple Maps was about directions and how an individual can get to a certain place. Millions of dollars were invested to make new and frequent changes, to add millions of directions and to update the maps.

    The objective of Apple is to create the best map app in the world by taking Apple Maps to the next level. To achieve the objective, Apple is building its own maps data from the ground up. The newest version of Apple Maps was released together with IOS 12 last September with levels of detail greatly improved.

    Domestic and international clients are welcome to order map illustrations of a community, campus or facility. The images that will be used in the illustrated maps are the product of skillful and creative combination of geography, architecture and information. The map illustration can easily become the topic of conversation in the building’s lobby or boardroom.

  • E-Commerce Comments Off on The Fascinating Mind-Controlled Electronics For The Near Future

    Recently, Netflix revealed a new technology that will allow users to control the Netflix iPhone App through their eyes. There is also news about new technology that could create eye-controlled apps. According to Samsung, the company is also working on a mind-blowing eye-controlled television.

    The new Eye Nav functionality of Netflix will allow people to control the Netflix app by simply staring at it on the iPhone. The user can also do different facial expressions. Meanwhile, Project Pontis is the new technology that will be used by Samsung to make its products more accessible to persons with disabilities.

    It is indeed awesome to hear about mind-controlled electronics that could usher in a new era for technology. This is not advanced science fiction or a television coming near you in the future. Mind-controlled technology is fascinating but it requires an accurate map of the user’s brainwaves.

    The Samsung system will first collect a baseline of the user’s brain activities so that there will be a basis of comparison when the user wants to perform a specific action. In order to accomplish the first step, a user will be required to wear a headset that contains 64 brain-scan sensors that will track eye movements. Finally, the current prototype will correlate the eye movement of the user when he stares at a specific video profile on the screen. It will figure out the brain function that suggests the user’s intention based on where the eyes land.

    The technology is similar to what Netflix has developed but with a lot less effort. The Netflix technology was developed by hacking a new application for facial recognition software that is integrated into the current updated models of iPhones. Samsung says their version which was recently unveiled was just a prototype. A more advanced prototype will be introduced in the first quarter of 2019.

    That’s enough of the mind blowing technologies. Let us proceed to party hire in Sydney that will be in high demand during the holiday season. Even if it is cold outdoors, parties can still held by using a marquee. To create a warm and cosy atmosphere, hosts can hire a heater that can provide heat to a wide area.

  • Health Comments Off on China’s Ping An Good Doctor Partnering With Bangkok Dusit Medical Service

    When people go there, they usually opt for the best health insurance in Thailand that they can afford. But, regardless of how good the insurance they get, they sill need good healthcare services.

    The Chinese are no exceptions, which is why China’s leading healthcare ecosystem platform, Ping An Good Doctor signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bangkok Dusit Medical Service (BDMS), the largest healthcare network in Thailand. The two medical service groups will pool their resources together, both online and offline in order to provide healthcare services to millions of Chinese patients.

    The Chinese demand for medical services abroad have gone up in the past few years, which many of the best health insurance in Thailand have taken notice of, but the issue is that there is a notable lack of organisations that connect patients to overseas medical institutions, which isn’t good for both ends.

    This partnership seeks to remedy that, combining Ping An Good Doctor’s data, acquired from millions of online users, with the advanced offline medical services provided by BDMS. This collaboration will provide a range of integrated solutions for Chinese patients, giving them a reliable and comprehensive overseas consultation process, which will not only up the current standards of medical tourism, but also set an international medical collaboration model.

    Chinese users will be able to use accurate information to choose the best medical plans via Ping An Good Doctor, giving them opportunities and granting premium medical tourism access to middle-income visitors. Additionally, this will also help Chinese patients access medical technology while abroad, preventing borders from restraining medical care.

    This is a good news for the many, many, Chinese tourists that travel to Thailand, as it means that, even while abroad, they’ll be able to access quality healthcare should they need to. It makes for a good model, hopefully, one that’ll see use in and by other countries across the world. Health insurance abroad for travellers is a very common offering, but there isn’t really too much when it comes to what healthcare services that insurance will be used for. One thing worth noting, though; given how close Thailand and China are, due in no small part to tourism, one has to wonder how such a partnership only managed to appear now, of all times.

  • Business Comments Off on Tech Companies Unwavering In Their Refusal Towards Decryption

    There have been many incidents of mass shootings in America from the nightmarish shooting of concert goers in Las Vegas to the horrific mass shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California. Months after the tragedy, the FBI has attempted to gain the support of Apple to gain access to the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the perpetuators at the San Bernardino mass shooting.

    Gaining access to the iPhone is part of the investigation on the supposedly terrorist attack. FBI requested Apple to develop a new operating system which could be installed on Farook’s phone to bypass security features. However, the new OS will also allow FBI access to iPhones in future criminal investigations.

    Apple refused because if they gave in to the demand of FBI, they will be hacking their own users. It would also set a precedent that will undermine the privacy of iPhone users. Apple believes that the intentions of FBI are good but they also consider it wrong for a government to demand a backdoor to the products that will undermine the freedom and liberty that the government vowed to protect.

    In the United Kingdom, the Investigatory Powers Act or was introduced in 2016 to provide British law enforcers with powers that would require network operators to remove electronic protection on communications and data. The act was not strong enough to demand a backdoor to encryption services.

    A similar legislation was introduced in New Zealand in 2013 that requires internet providers to allow interception for government agencies with a warrant. Meanwhile, in Australia, the government is pushing for the Assistance and Access bill where tech companies and internet providers would be required to lend assistance to law enforcement agencies. Apple has reiterated its position that breaking encryption systems will undermine everyone’s security.

    Yes indeed, security has become a major concern. For homeowners, one of the best options is security doors in Perth that will prevent any unauthorized access to the home. Prevention is always a better option than dealing with an intruder who has already entered the home. Security doors will be the most effective barrier against burglars.

  • Business Comments Off on How Innovative Furniture Developed Modern Schools

    In order for the students to grow inside the classroom, they have to be engaged, they must connect with their teachers and they must collaborate with their classmates. According to studies, there is a big improvement in the student learning because of the introduction of flexible class furniture such as kids school chairs coupled with technology. This is due to the fact that the classrooms are able to adapt in the different ways children learn.

    The sad news is that majority of schools in the world are still not receiving enough support in order to improve the engagement of their students. In many parts of the world, students are still using traditional desks where they are trapped their everyday as they listen to the lectures of their teachers. With this specific classroom design, learning is not adapted to each of the students’ need. It also does not encourage collaboration among the students and needless to say, technology is not integrated within the system.

    This is the time for schools to consider the use of flexible classroom furniture, technology that is adaptable to student curriculum and classroom design layouts that will promote better engagement among students.It does not have to take a major renovation in order to do this but careful planning is required along with advices from professional designers. While many think that changing the furniture will have minimal impact, it actually has the power to alter the school’s environment and make it better than before.

    One of the main problems with a traditional desk is that it stays the same for the entire year. It does not allow movement for students who are on it thus, they are limited which also limits their creativity and make lessons a bore for many. Group discussions are not easily done because desks have to be rearranged which takes a lot of time and effort especially for younger students.

    It is high time to consider innovative classroom furniture such as kids school chairs because it encourage students to collaborate with their fellow students, it removes classroom hierarchy and most of all it opens up a lot of possibilities either learning on their own or with a group of students.

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