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  • Home Improvement Comments Off on How To Choose A Professional Plumber

    Choosing a plumber requires special skills especially when you need him to repair or install pipes needed for the water supply or drainage systems. In case of emergency, you need the plumber to come quickly, so you won’t waste money for leaking water or when you need repair to a clogged or faulty drainage system. In this article, you’ll be guided on how to choose a reputed plumber by visiting their website:

    • Opting for a Professional Job, then Hire Only a Professional Plumber

    This is a very important tip to make. If your plumbing system needs repair or if you want a reliable installation, choose a professional plumbing company and not just someone who knows about plumbing. A trained and experienced plumber is updated with the latest advancements in the plumbing industry. What might seem a small job for inexperienced people can turn out a complete mess to a proficient plumber. So, ensure that the plumber knows how to handle the problem in the most difficult situation. Check the plumbing company’s website for details on how they work.

    • Get Referrals

    With today’s modern technology, you will just have to search online or flip the Yellow Pages to choose a plumber. However, you really need to know if you’re hiring a good one. To narrow down your options, you may need to ask family or friends about referrals. Have them recommend a plumbing company with extensive years of experience and a reasonably priced service where it is manned with clean, friendly, respectful and punctual people.

    If no one can make a good referral, check the plumbing company’s website if it is rated well by reviews and testimonials of previous and current clients. They promise many years of experience and have satisfied clients that are happy with their service.

    • Pay by the Job Not by the Hour

    So, you don’t incur any hidden charges, it’s best for the company to give you quotes of upfront prices rather than by the hour. They should also offer free consultation before you decide on the price. Ensure that the plumbing company has all its parts used, start and finish times, and payment details included in the quote. Also choose a plumber who completely guarantees their work. To ask for quotes, you can check their website for information.


  • Business Comments Off on Modern Tech Every Financial Advisor Should Have

    Working as a financial advisor in Australia today is different than a decade ago. Ten years ago they do not have the technology available to younger generation of financial advisors. These technologies are designed to make their work more efficient and in order to improve their level of service to their clients. If you are in a city with a lot of competition, you have to use all the tools available at your disposable in order to get the upper hand.

    • CRM Software or Client Relationship Management Software. This is important because it help the financial advisors monitor every lead, every prospect and every client they have ever come across. This is important if you have the goal to expand your client base and eventually to build a bigger empire. CRM makes things easier by syncing everything you will need from contact information to financial notes during a meeting with a client.
    • Website. If you are a professional financial advisor and you don’t have a website then you are missing out on a lot of things. Majority of the clients are now turning to the internet in order to find suitable candidates that will handle their finances. If you don’t have a website, how do you expect clients to reach you or know about you? Your website will act as a link between interested client and you.
    • Email capturing. When a prospect client visits your website, you must be able to get their email address before they eventually leave the site. You can use these addresses to follow up with them. This will give them the feeling that you are interested and might contact you for more information.
    • Email Marketing. This completes the cycle of the three –website, email capturing and email marketing. This is where you make use of the all the email addresses you have captured in order to capture the attention of the clients. This should be installed with automated software so you don’t have to do everything manually and you can devote your time to other important matters.
    • Software for online scheduling. One of the most important tools that a financial advisor in Australia should have is the online scheduling because it helps the clients and the advisor to see eye to eye in terms of available time and day.
  • Business Comments Off on Energy From Wind And Solar On The Gold Coast To Power Thousands Of Homes In 2020

    The Gold Coast receives abundant wind and sunlight throughout the year, and in an effort to rely on alternative energy resources, the government is looking into these natural resources as possible ways to promote green energy in the country. The government does not only encourage home and business owners to make the change, but has made steps towards it was well. According to Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio and Premier Daniel Andrews, six projects are expected to provide power to over 646,000 homes in Victoria upon completion.

    Green Energy

    Alternative sources of energy such as wind and solar on the Gold Coast have gotten even more support from the government as new solar and wind farms are being built after the reverse auction.

    A reverse auction is a scheme where developers bid for the lowest cost for a project, and this is how the state funded the shift to alternative energy options. The Energy Minister explains that the way to get into the system is through the quickest and cheapest new build of energy.

    Matthew Guy, the Opposition Leader, says that the details of the reverse auction for renewable energy must be made transparent to ensure that the taxpayers won’t be shouldering more than necessary for the project to push through.

    New Farms

    Some of these farms include the Winston solar farm that is set to product 98.8MW of solar on the Gold Coast. The Mortlake South wind farm is expected to supply up to 157.5MW, 336MW from Dundonnell wind farm, 121.6MW from Cawarp solar farm, 34.2 from Cohuna solar farm, and 180MW from Berrybank wind farm.

    The construction is set to start next year, and is expected to be done by 2020. The state government plans to get 25% of their energy from solar and wind farms by 2020, and 40% by 2025.

    Future Plans

    Premier Andrews explains that he plans to strengthen government support to households using solar power if he gets re-elected. There are now about 10,000 households relying on solar panels, and he wants to pay them $5,000 for batter instalments, which is part of their $1.3 billion plan that seeks to subsidize hot water systems and solar panels.