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  • Lifestyle Comments Off on Professional Code Of Ethics In Software Development

    If adequate training is provided to latin women, they can become talented and qualified to become competitive software developers. In Latin America, there are tech companies that are providing training for coding and software development including web development to women so that they can take advantage of global opportunities in the tech sector.

    In today’s world of business, software is developed at a record-breaking speed to run almost everything. However, the continuous evolution of technology is changing the way that businesses operate today. There is a race among companies on who will the first to market the best product or service without considering the implications of the systems and gadgets used on society.

    For example, YouTube and Volkswagen are technologies that were developed by companies that continue to impact society. After more than 10 years, YouTube has shaped the creation, sharing and consumption of video content. It is also difficult to imagine a world without Volkswagen cars in as much as the company has been a mainstay since the 20th century.

    However, the two companies were recently embroiled into controversies. YouTube was involved in controversial videos with conspiracy theories, partisan videos and misleading content while Volkswagen’s emission standards left a mark in society. In the mad rush to meet deadlines and sell their products, the companies forgot to consider integration and performance tests as well as security. Could people trust the innovations that helped improve the life of people all over the world?

    The mindset of CEO’s and stakeholders that put pressure on developers to be able to deliver the first in the market is the perfect example why there is a need for a code of ethics for software delivery among tech companies. When developing software, it is important to ask the right questions to understand the ramifications of the innovation. There must be broader professional standard because of the absence of international standardized code of ethics.

    Interested gentlemen from all over the world have the opportunity to meet latin women between the ages of 18 and 40 who are looking forward to a serious relationship. Latin women are known for being exotic, charismatic and attractive but they are very temperamental.

  • Business Comments Off on Insurance Is No Longer About Trust But Technology

    Your accounting practice is worth protecting that is why there is chartered accountant insurance that is suitable for the profession. The goal of accountant insurance is to provide services that are exclusive to accountants and accountings firms and to ensure that tax audit insurance works appropriately for them. Liability insurance is also offered as protection against alleged wrongful acts that are completely without basis.

    Advancements in technology in recent years have changed the usual perception about insurance. Insurance is an industry that is based on trust. Customers trust the insurance provider because after paying premiums they expect the insurance company to step forward and assume liability for certain situations that may occur in the future. The root of trust is customer experience and a large part of the good experience is due to technology.

    The way that insurance companies do business before when there are calamities and natural disasters no longer works today because consumers expect a more personalized and customized experience. However, insurance companies are still trying to determine what technology they can implement to exceed customer expectations.

    There are multiple touch points that insurance companies can use to attract new customers, to underwrite a risk, to handle claims effectively and to maintain a long-term relationships with the customer. Insurance companies that can excel in all the 4 phases will have a significant competitive advance in the industry.

    Data can be used to determine the customers that are interested in insurance while aggregators can offer a variety of insurance products to certain customer segmentation. Since it is more likely for consumers to research and purchase insurance online, an insurance website will make customer acquisition more efficient and effective. Digital technology and data will help insurers know their customers better so that they can underwrite properly.

    Accountants face a range of professional risks which can be covered by chartered accountant insurance to minimize their financial vulnerability. One of the biggest threats that accountants face is data breach that can compromise the personal information of the client. It is about time for accountants to understand this particular risk and limit their liability through insurance protection.

  • Business, E-Commerce, Mobile, Service, Tips Comments Off on Work spaces Soon To Have Video And Voice Features

    The future is workplaces are looking good. Once could expect technology to play a big role in these changes including the office furniture in Auckland sold for companies and businesses. There will come a time that when the devices inside the office will be synced to those of the employees. Such that when they enter, the tablet for office use displayed on the hallway will be notified of one’s arrival therefore recording the status to available upon confirmation through the employer’s smartphone.


    The computer can be set to always feature the latest news upon arrival while the digital calendar shows the schedule of an individual while on ideal mode but can be used for video conferencing purposes. The desk will then be a part of this digital setup by being connected to the user’s smartwatch thereby monitoring the heartbeat. This will know if the chair has to be adjusted in order to adapt with the need of the body’s muscles.


    With the changes brought by smart office, it can help employees have a seamless day at work thereby benefiting the organization as a whole. It comes as no surprise that many companies and offices are slowly adapting these new work spaces.


    With smart office furniture and technology employed by Internet of Things, anything that the employee is using on a daily basis while inside the workplace, as long as it can be reached through the internet can be controlled and communicated with. This is the same technology adapted by smart appliances such as smart speakers that can control a home’s lighting system and washing machines that automatically sends an order when the laundry detergent is running out.


    The only difference is that smart office furniture focuses more on the function such as scheduling a meeting automatically without the user reading their emails and adjusts the room by learning the preference or pattern created by the individual. Everything should operate smoothly while working in the background. With the innovation of technology, it is now possible for companies and businesses to purchase office furniture in Auckland that resembles the quality of a smart desk.


  • Car Comments Off on Evolution Of Car Suspension Systems Due To Technology

    When talking about vehicles, it is not common for enthusiasts to tackle suspension systems when in fact is the most important part of the car. Auto manufacturers are always changing their designs and making some small refinements until they found the perfect setup – a perfect vehicle that can be handled as smoothly as vehicles used in racing. Suspension systems are not the same as before because of the advancement in technology which helped manufacturers reach their goal to provide comfort as well as high performance for vehicles. Currently, these are the three most recent innovations worth watching out for when it comes to suspension systems.

    • Hydraulic Roll Control. The most recent car to be equipped with a hydraulic suspension with cross linking is the 2015 Audi RS 7. According to Audi, the suspension technology is called Dynamic Ride Control. With conventional suspension system, the body roll of the vehicle is counter acted by employing steel anti roll bars but with hydraulic systems, fluid is transported to the opposite side of the vehicle to counter body roll. As long as you are not using major g’s, the system will be operating out of your way and the wheel can travel as smooth as possible. The system makes it feel like the vehicle is equipped with huge anti roll bars when in fact there is none.
    • Magnetic Dampers.This technology was developed by General Motors and is now present in various vehicles including the Audi R8 and the Ferrari FF. magnetic ride control makes it possible to control the level of stiffness of the dampers depending on the driving conditions by changing the electric current that is going through a ferrous liquid.
    • Active Curve Tilting. Leaning on one side used to be possible with motorcycles alone but with active curve tilting, vehicles can now do it too as shown by the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG coupe. This is made possible with the help of a lateral-acceleration sensor coupled with a camera that is forward-looking. This is a game changer for suspension systems because it made possible for vehicles to tilt its body on one side in favor of the apex.