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  • Massage Therapy, Servies, Tips Comments Off on Different Types Of Massages And Their Health Benefits

    Years ago, when people needed a massage to ease their body aches and pains, they go to luxury spas and upscale health clubs. Today, massage therapy is available in clinics, hospitals, businesses and even airports. Massage therapy has become very popular lately because of the health benefits it provides.

    Different types of massage

    • Swedish massage – is one of the most common types of massages. It involves soft, long, kneading strokes and light, rhythmic tapping strokes on the topmost layers of the muscles combined with movement of the joints. Swedish massage is very popular because it is relaxing and invigorating and helps increase blood flow and break down scar tissue.


    • Deep tissue massage – is a type of massage that focuses on painful and stiff troublesome spots of the body. Deep tissue massage involves slow deliberate strokes that put pressure on the layers of muscles, tendons and other tissues under the skin. While it is less rhythmic than other types of massages, deep tissue massage relieves chronic patterns of tension and helps with muscle injuries.


    • Sports massage – is similar to the Swedish massage but it is more focused on athletes. Sports massage helps the muscle systems that are used for a particular sport to promote flexibility and help prevent injuries. There are different approaches to sports massage to help athletes in the training before, during and after a sports event.


    • Shiatsu massage – which means finger pressure in Japanese makes use of different rhythmic pressures on precise points in the body that are called acupressure points. Proponents of the shiatsu massage say that it is important in the flow of the body’s vital energy called chi.

    There are many other different types of massages with benefits that go beyond relaxation. Studies have revealed that massage therapy is effective for back pain, headaches, knee osteoarthritis and helps reduce depression and stress.

    Another popular type of massage is tantric massage which is a massage technique that involves the whole body including the intimate areas. Unlike other massage therapies, tantric massage incorporates spiritual elements like mindfulness, eye contact and breathing techniques. The goal is to awaken sexual energy and deepen the intimacy between partners.

  • Digital Marketing, Reviews Comments Off on The Growth Mindset Of Sabri Suby

    It takes an intense amount of courage and hard work to build a business from the ground up. Sabri Suby created the digital marketing agency King Kong from his own bedroom seven years ago for only $50. Since then he has turned the company into Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency with a $50M net worth.

    Recently, King Kong has rolled out to four other international markets, namely US, UK, New Zealand, and Canada. Here are three insights from Suby himself about growing a business.

    1. Get out of your four walls.When Suby started out, he almost won a $30,000 pitch. When the client wanted to meet him at his office, he looked around his bedroom—he had no office to show. This is when he rolled up his sleeves and strived to build a proper business.


    1. Focus on your unique methods.This sets you apart from your competitors. King Kong’s methodology is very different. More than just numbers and analytics, they focus on the psychology of buying and selling. While systems and measures are put in place, just because a brand new trend comes up, it doesn’t mean that one must immediately latch on to it.


    1. Make the most out of every platform you’re given.In creating content, utilise every platform, from Instagram to LinkedIn. Each platform has its own format and audience, so adapt your style to suit each one.


    Besides expanding King Kong Sabri Suby also has a new book where he shares his expertise and experiences, “Sell Like Crazy.”

  • Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Reviews Comments Off on Testimonials Come In A Variety Of Formats And Sources

    Leveraging consumer reviews in marketing is a great strategy. Whenever a new product is introduced, most consumers will do some research to ensure that it is legitimate. Consumers are more likely to trust reviews because our brains are wired to seek validation from people around us. Customers who write reviews and testimonials become the business’s sales representatives.

    Different types of testimonials

    • Standalone reviews – are simple but powerful reviews from happy customers who want to convey their point quickly and concisely to influence other people to make a purchase.
    • Peer reviews – are one of the best types of testimonials because they come from experts in the industry. Peer reviews add real credibility to a brand, product, or service.
    • Influencers – are often well-known personalities with an extensive audience reach in the industry. Reviews shared by influencers usually focus on the benefits of the product.
    • Social media reviews – are made by happy customers who want to share their positive experiences. The reviews can easily appeal to their followers particularly if responses to the reviews are reshared on the product pages.
    • Video testimonials – appeal more to viewers because they see a face and hear a voice. Reviews do not always have to be in writing; they can be in the form of video which is more engaging and appealing.

    A digital marketing agency is able to access the benefits of king kong advertising review by simply asking its clients for them. They display the customer review on the homepage to ensure that it is accessible to visitors and convert them to leads.

  • Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Reviews Comments Off on Customer Reviews As Free Content

    Customer reviews are the best sources of information when you want to make changes or improvements to your product or service. Offering people what they need is one of the key aspects of a successful business. Introducing new products or building new features without taking into account the opinion of customers can be risky.

    Every business will agree that acquiring new customers can be pretty expensive. They need investments in social media campaigns, offline and online advertising, and even trade shows. In addition, the costs of developing and maintaining a website can be exorbitant.

    However, according to statistics, a loyal customer is 10 times more valuable than acquiring a new customer because of returning orders and referrals. Businesses will know whether a customer loves their product or services through customer reviews. Customers share their positive experiences with a brand with others to speed up the growth of the business.

    Relevant content is the core of inbound marketing strategy. Customer reviews are free content that leads to more traffic and conversions because they carry all the information that consumers need. Customer feedback tends to get more social shares and higher ranks in search engine results because they are validation of a brand that is closest to the truth.

    A digital marketing agency values king kong agency review because it creates the right marketing message. In today’s modern world, customer reviews never go unnoticed; in fact, consumers search for them to guide them in the decision process. For consumers, it is always worth considering the personal experiences of others with a brand.

  • Apps & Software, E-Commerce Comments Off on Google Rolls Out June 2021 Core Update

    Google started out rolling out their June 2021 core update on June 2, 2021. The announcement was made by Search Liason Danny Sullivan, who also noted that this core update is one part of two, with a July 2021 core update to roll out soon.

    While it’s expected that some help with your SEO might be needed, this one core update is particularly strange is due to the fact that it’ll be followed-up by another core update in the following month. Google usually releases core updates every couple of months.

    The last core update prior to the June 2021 core update was the December 2020 core update, which was preceded by a May 2020 core update, 7 months prior. The June 2021 core update came out a bit later than most, but is also to be followed up by another update in the following month.

    Two core updates

    Google stated that they’re rolling out these two core updates, the June 2021 update isn’t fully ready for a release, which is why they’ve moved forward with releasing the parts that are ready, with the rest to follow with the July 2021 core update. Google will provide updates on the updates in order to make sure people don’t get caught off guard.

    Google also warned that some help with your SEO and the like will be needed, but the two-part nature of the update means that there’ll be some serious fluctuation for the ranking for search results.

    What people should expect

    Like with any Google update, rankings can go up, down, or stay stable. Those that will be impacted by June 2021 core update might end up seeing the impact on them reversed with the July 2021 core update. Google stated that a lot of sites won’t really feel the update, but the SEOs that handle a lot of sites will see a lot of changes in their Google SERP rankings.

    The update is a global rollout, affecting all languages and regions, and will take around 2 weeks to rollout. Google will also confirm when the rollout is done, which, if the schedule holds well, the page experience update will finish before the July 2021 core update rolls out.

  • Lawyer, Legal Counsel Comments Off on Common Defences Used Against Indecent Exposure

    Laws that prohibit indecent exposure or intentional exposure of private parts in public vary among states but share many similarities. In order to secure a conviction for indecent exposure, the prosecutor has to produce sufficient evidence before a judge or jury beyond reasonable doubt.

    When is indecent exposure considered a crime?

    The element of indecent exposure involves the exposure of male or female genitals, buttocks or female’s breasts. In some states, exposure of buttocks is not enough to make it a crime. To satisfy the requirement of wilful intent, the person must have the intention to expose his or her private parts. Indecent exposure must take place in an outdoor area whether publicly or privately owned like roads, parks, restaurants and stores.

    However, there are also places that are not open to the public like jails and hospitals or inside an automobile that is visible to others that will suffice to make indecent exposure a crime. To be guilty of indecent exposure, there must be another person within sight. Some states require that the person must be of the opposite sex.

    Defences against indecent exposure

    Consent – Some states allow a person to consent to the nudity of another person. However, the person can still be charged with indecent exposure if there is a third party who did not give his consent to the exposure.

    Nude dancing – is an activity that is highly regulated in many states. Nude dancing may be allowed under certain rules and regulations that the club and performers must adhere to. To avoid prosecution for indecent exposure, the club must consent to the activity. The mere presence of patrons means they are permitting the exposure.

    Lack of sexual motivation – there are states that require sexual motivation or lascivious intent for indecent exposure to become a crime. For example, a person who urinates in public usually does not have the intent to arouse a sexual desire.

    If you are facing a charge of indecent exposure felony, call Donich Law as soon as possible. You will require an experienced criminal lawyer to reduce your felony charges to misdemeanour charges with lower fines. Lawyers who have handled similar cases can assist you with negotiations.

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