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  • People love to travel while doing it for money on a regular basis. It’s actually a privilege and a dream to see foreign lands, especially for those in the Canadian trucking companies. To make this possible, you want to become a truck driver and work for a trucking company.  If you’re in the US, you would want to deliver loads to Canada and Mexico. Truckers are important to everyday life and to the industries of food and dining, retail, automotive and manufacturing. The first year of driving a truck can be difficult for a new truck driver, but as the days progress, he learns to develop his driving skills. So, let’s try to find out the benefits of driving a truck in your first year.

    How a Trucker’s Life Goes?

    Just like any career choice, truck driving can be your chosen field, and will require tailoring of your lifestyle around this job. A typical trucker’s schedule will mostly be out on the roads for several weeks and probably few days at home. The trucker’s schedule is probably the most difficult aspects, especially when dealing with loved ones. These are one of the jobs that require truckers to be away from their family and friends on a daily basis. So, if you’re working for Canadian trucking companies, you’ll always be on the roads most of the time.

    One big physical challenge a trucker can face in his job is learning to control the truck and trailer he will be operating. He will be trained for a commercial driver’s license and will take a month for the courses and workshops. One great thing about the CDL training is having it easier compared to other college courses and trade schools. With the training, new drivers can start driving and may earn full-time salaries that most college graduates may earn.

    Although the CDL training comes cheaper with less time required, a trucker must learn how to curve the truck especially during long-haul drives. The job is more demanding as you need to travel eight to ten hours per day. If you want to stick to the job as a truck driver for Canadian trucking companies, you need to be determined and have the passion for the job. You must know your current loads and work breaks for a more challenging job.

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